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Yes we have all seen those scams on the internet.  My uncle is very rich and he wants to transfer millions of pounds to your account but so far he cant because the local branch is on a tea break and so if you first transer all your money to him he can bribe the staff to work and send all his money to you blah blah blah.  Nobody in their right mind gets scammed that way do they?  Well…no thats not quite true.  Dodgy does!  Only he doesnt get scammed for his own money because instead he uses Miss Joannes!  And strange as it may seem, she just doesnt seem very happy about the huge opportunity as you might imagine that she would be?  There is just no pleasing some people is there?  But poor dodgy, despite his good intentions he is now in the situation where he has to explain all of this to Miss Joanne who grows more and more agitated with every word that comes out of his mouth!

So I suspect you can guess where Dodgy Dave ends up huh?  Yep, over Miss Joannes knee for a very sound bare bottom spanking with the wooden hairbrush!  Here is a short preview clip

Miss Joanne is one of my absolute favorite Dommes at Strict Women or anywhere else for that matter! 🙂  She was a firm favorite at the Strict Women site from day one when she arrived and was in fact the first Domme to come online there from the UK.  She was actually a very big name for several years in the FemDom wrestling world but few knew that she also puts naughty boys across her knee and its sure a marriage made in heaven where Miss Joanne is concerned!  It really doesnt take long for you to realise this Lady is for real!

Anyway, for more from Miss Joanne, go see her at now! With Miss Joanne, you just cant go wrong!  Just dont irk her when you get there for your own safety! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well everybody, i guess many of you knew that it was Kylie’s birthday today huh? 40 years young! And yet she still doesn’t look a day over 25 does she? But its also Ms Dana Specht’s birthday today so I wanted to officially wish her a very happy birthday here on the site!

Ms Dana has been producing some of the very best femdom spanking videos anywhere for several years now and has been a great friend to me and to this site 🙂

This is Ms Dana by the way:

The image above comes from one of her latest femdom spanking movies. You really should take a look at some of these over on her streaming theater at Fetish Video Theater!

So on Ms Dana’s birthday, why not go visit her site at and maybe buy a membership to her site and see what she has to offer 🙂 This is a Lady that puts everything into her site and you wont be disapointed 🙂

Ms Dana Specht

Can you imagine the humiliation of having to report to your sister for discipline?  The way in which she would take great pride in the authority she had over you as she pulled your trousers and pants down to your ankles before putting you across her knee and paddling your bare bottom for you?  Well this is the theme of the new video update now at Strict Women which features the veteran FemDom Mistress, Miss Red!

Miss Red takes great pleasure in making her naughty boy tell her that she is the one in charge in this movie AND repeat it as she spanks him over her knee as well as ordering him to bend over a chair so that she can administer the cane to him!

Here is a short video preview as always 🙂

Hmm…nice tasteful shot there of Miss Reds bottom! 😉  Don’t get caught looking though cos you know what will happen don’t you! 🙂  You can imagine with that view being the naughty boys friend there waiting on your knees for your turn! 🙂  Yes Miss Red has decided you are both going to get spanked but at the moment she doesnt realise you are staring up her skirt like that!  Boy will she be mad when she catches you! 🙂

See this video and more from Miss Red now at!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

One of the things you learn very early on when you are subject to smacked bottoms from any lady is that if she schedules a spanking for you, it really is in your own interests not to turn up late for it! Its rude! Its also incredibly disobedient and when you are already in the doghouse its like digging yourself even further into a hole! Yet that’s what Mike has done on this occasion!

See a preview clip below

Yes VERY stupid!  Obviously this spanking goes on a lot longer and gets harder and he is spanked with hairbrush, straps and other implements as well as over her knee with her hand so he didnt just get off lightly with a few smacks with that paddle as you can imagine! Trust me, NO strict Woman would EVER let you get off that lightly for turning up late for a spanking like that!  And mike only has himself to blame this time because he must surely know what to expect if he is disobedient by now! 🙂  I have to wonder though…will he actually learn?  He pleads with all of these ladies he is spanked by that he has learned his lesson, he apologises and yet the only thing that seems to work with him is a smacked bottom ever week or two!  I think now we are looking at the Miss Zoe site coming soon, perhaps we should suggest that she starts giving him regular spankings just for the heck of it to keep him in his place? 🙂  She is certainly capable, i saw her carve a perfect Z for Zorro or Zoe in blood on his back with a cane on Saturday with 3 quick swishes before he even knew what was happening!  LOL.

Anyway, for more from Miss Jessica, go see her at now!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Another great update today at Strict Women!  This one features the beautiful and world famed Mistress Morigan Hel as the high class lady of the house where she rules with a rod of iron (well…ratton).  Her servant has disobeyed her and failed to do the chores that were set for him so now he is going to suffer! 🙂  As well he might.  Good old fashioned domestic femdom spanking 🙂

Here is a sample video preview 🙂

See more from the sexy Miss Morigan Hel now at!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well Ive finally caught my breath from the shoot yesterday with Miss Zoe for her new site at Strict Mistress due with a target launch date of Monday 9th June! I am battered and bruised. I have cane welts on my bottom, my arms, my legs and my back! And there are several other naughty boys with sore bottoms this morning! We FINALLY finished the second big shoot for this new site at, wait for it, 12:30am! Yes half an hour after midnight! OK, all the video was done by about 10:30 when we rushed out for dinner and then returned to shoot the last 2 batches of photo’s but you wouldn’t believe how tired I was when i got home! It was nearly 4am and I hardly slept the night before!

Anyway, Miss Zoe was absolutely AWESOME! I don’t think Ive seen a shoot where the Mistress was as strict as She was yesterday and that’s even by her own high standards! I really cant wait to see this site when it finally opens! Miss Zoe has clearly taken a personal interest in making sure this site will be the best around and has put her absolute ALL into the making of these movies!

And the best part is that I’m going to be able to cover the updates at that site here at the FemDom Spanking Blog!

Oh…and what shoot that I get to would ever be the same without a fan sign for you all? 🙂

Miss Zoe Fansign

Such a great tasteful shot there 😉

So keep your eyes on this blog for news of the forthcoming grand opening of Strict Mistress

Some of you in Australia may have heard about the West Australian liberal leader who has recently admitted to chair sniffing! See,21985,23616332-662,00.html where the story is outlined in full.

The funny thing about this story is that the owner of Strict Women, Miss Anna once had a boyfriend that did this to her also! Some of you may not know this but this was the tale behind one of the members favorite movies, The Chair Sniffer starring Miss Rebekah! For those who may not have seen any of this movie, you can see its clips over at Strict Women or buy the full movie from FemDom Spanking Store or see it streaming over on Fetish Video Theater. But here is a clip:

By the way, I couldnt resist dropping Miss Rebekah a line to show her this story after her excellent performance in the Chair Sniffer movie and She replied the other day with:

Ha ha….that is funny. Instead of complaining she should have just bent him over her knee….he would have soon seen the error of his ways!

And what can one say to that other than ‘Yes Ma’am’. Remember…Miss Rebekah is ALWAYS right! refer to the above clip if you want advice on what happens if you argue with her! 🙂 In any event, She clearly IS right! So maybe there should now be a sequal to this movie? Anybody want to come up with a possible outline for a scenario for that one? 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

FemDom Spanking Store

Miss Rebekah was always one of my favorite strict Women at er…Strict Women and its just so easy when you see her in action to understand why! 🙂 So I’m always really pleased to see her as the star of the updates at that site! You will not see her spanking naughty boys anywhere else and she justifies the membership fee which is only the equivalent of UKP£10 all on her own in my view but if you then add ladies like Miss Zoe, Miss Jessica, Miss Catalina and so many others not to mention the Oldies but Goldie’s like Miss Amanda, Miss Alison and Miss Katelyn and you just have a real goldmine! If you have never been in their members area treat yourself now! But don’t forget in the huge archive there that you need to report to Miss Rebekah cos she will NOT be likely to forgive and forget until AFTER she has spanked your bare bottom for you!

In this movie Miss Rebekah has caught her naughty boyfriend peeping on her as she is exercising to some pop music. You cant blame him of course. She is gorgeous. Just look at her body and just about any male would drool but HE should know better! He knows her! And he knows she is a lady that SPANKS him and spanks him regularly and yet he STILL gets it wrong! Here is a short preview clip as usual 😉

So guys, beware! Learn from Mikes mistake and maybe you can avoid getting your backside tanned over Miss Rebekah’s knee!  That of course is if you WANT to avoid it!  Personally I wouldn’t ever want to but… 🙂  See Miss Rebekah and this video now at, or get yourself the DVD at the FemDom Spanking Video Store or see the full video at Fetish Video Theater :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

FemDom Spanking Store

Always one of the harshest Mistress’s at Strict Women, Miss Rose has returned to the site with vengeance today to teach Dodgy Dave the error of his ways! Miss Rose had given her naughty husband clear orders to remain indoors. He had been grounded for other acts of disobedience and NOW he has dared to go out playing snooker whilst he was grounded! Is he stupid or something? He HAS to know that this is a direct challenge to Miss Rose’s authority and she is not likely to let it pass!

Well anyway he tries to talk his way out of the discipline and Miss Rose does toy with him in this video as though she might be persuaded not to spank him but of course that was NEVER a realistic option for a strict woman like her was it? Here is a preview clip from today’s update 🙂

Yes this is one video where Dodgy was truly sorry for his actions for sure!  Be sure not to miss the rest of this spanking!  Get it online now in the members area of! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

OK just a quick note because Ive been updating my blogs here and there and found this brand spanking new look theme which I really like so Ive introduced it here on my blog 🙂  Hope you like it!  If you have any problems with it though please do comment ok!  Though i wanted to see something a little different I DO still care about your views and about accessibility for my blog here 🙂