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I always remember Jasper Carrot talking about womens intuition, how women have more of it than men (stands to reason) and how you should not write men off…we instinctively know when we are in trouble! And how do we know? Well…this was not Jasper Carrots reasoning but I think this pic will give it away! 🙂

Yes when a strict woman drags you by the ear to the chair where she pulls your pants down, puts you across her knee and then spanks your bare backside for you, you will instinctively know you are in trouble! 🙂

This particular naughty boy is being punished because he was mouthy in the car whilst Miss Rebekka was driving which caused her to have an accident. But he doesnt leave it there, he yells abuse at the other driver and even winds the police up right to the point where they give Miss Rebekka a ticket which obviously does not please her! 🙂

And so you can imagine what happens next 🙂

Yes you got it! A sound bare bottom spanking over Her knee! Life of the hapless male owned by a strict lady 🙂 So don’t let Miss Rebekka get by you! She is a really great entertainer to watch and a real strict lady if you are ever lucky enough to be put across her knee! 🙂

And here is a short video preview from todays update 🙂

Oh by the way, guess who is going to be going on another shoot with Strict Women again this weekend! Yep! Yours truly!!! 🙂 Another new lady and from the same source as Miss Zoe came from. Not seen on other sites but a regular face in the Peddlestool club in London 🙂 And I’m told that she is as good as Miss Zoe was so I’m really looking forward to it! Only trouble is, they forecast snow of all things for Friday/Saturday! 🙁 And on top of that England are playing Wales at Twickenham on Saturday so the traffic will probably be a real nightmare if not from the snow then from the rugby! But keep your fingers crossed for me! I will try and get another fan sign for us all to give you all a glimpse at Strict Womens new Goddess when I return!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Today at Strict Women, one of the members favorites, Miss Starr has returned after an absence of around a year at the site in order to spank her naughty boy who has failed to prevent Her from being stressed at work. Miss Starr has been working hard all week and has had a real pig of a week but what has he done to help alleviate the stress? Did he bring her a nice glass of wine when she returned home? Nope! Did he even make her a nice cup of tea? Nope! Not a bit of it. So now Miss Starr will alleviate her stress on him by tanning his backside for him!

Don’t worry, it never takes Miss Starr long to humiliate a guy and his pants are round his ankles in very little time…just as he deserved!

There is also a really nice gallery from Mistress Moriganh Hel in the galleries area too which always pleases 🙂 Here is a thumb.

See more from Miss Starr and Mistress Moriganh Hel now at

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

One of my and most other peoples favorite movies starring Miss Chloe was always The Strict Sitter 🙂 In this movie she truly excelled as the strict lady who had 2 guys to punish and to humiliate and showed just how good she was at thinking of new ways to humiliate them. An example was to strip them nude and then have them play musical chairs with the last person to sit given a sound spanking! Of course it was always Miss Chloe who made the rules to the game so it was always going to be her that decided who was punished!

It was a movie so loved by all the members in the Miss Chloes Slipper site that she made sequels. Strict Sitter 2 and Strict Sitter 3. And in the latest update to Miss Chloes Slipper Miss Chloe showcase’s Strict Sitter 3! And yep…its as good as the original! 🙂 Here is a short preview 🙂

You have just gotta love her for that hypnotic French accent! 🙂 And you can bet her naughty boy is really suffering in this one! Miss Chloe always takes a pride in making her naughty boys suffer! Its like she feels she has sold herself short if she hasn’t made him cry out in pain! LOL 🙂

See more from the lovely Miss Chloe now at Her site! But remember to behave whilst you are there…her cane of hers ain’t just for show!

Another classic update at Strict Women starring one of the long term favorites at the site, none other than the very strict and domineering Miss Joanne 🙂 With eyes that pierce straight through your head and a vice like grip as she takes hold of your chin before giving you one of her hard face slaps to make your head ring and your ears whine this Lady is clearly NOT one to be disobeyed! Yet that is just what her naughty boy did in this movie! He has been sent off to bed by his strict wife with a stinging red bottom and what does he do? He comes back down to watch the football! Boy is he in trouble!

Yet there is always a sense with Miss Joanne that despite the fact she is punishing you, She is actually showing you great kindness and restraint as she is so calm and in control and you always have that sense that she could and more importantly WOULD punish you far more if you were to really push her! Here is a preview clip 🙂

For those that do not know, Miss Joanne has been a very active Domme within the FemDom scene for some years. She was actually one of the most revered Mistress’s in the FemDom wrestling stage (as are a number of the Mistress’s at Strict Women) with her own site which had a great following before going into retirement a few years ago until she came back out of retirement and took Strict Women by storm! There were endless emails flowing in to Strict Women from members at the time who had been struck with the love bug and several have gone on to even do personal sessions with this Goddess!

In Strict Women you will find a number of great videos with this lady that you really shouldn’t miss! Go take a look 🙂 This is a lady that will immediately put you in your place and take you back to that feeling of being a very naughty boy in no time at all. A complete natural! 🙂

See more from Miss Joanne now at

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Another great update in Strict Women yesterday i see 🙂 This one stars Miss Sandie who returns in a new movie in which she stars as a high powered CEO of a large corporation. Dodgy Dave thinks that he can sluff her off with a high quote because she is a woman but boy does she put him straight! See how Miss Sandie knocks both Dave’s quote AND him himself back into place with her own brand of discipline! Here is a short clip 🙂

Personally I think she should spank him a lot harder! Even as she spanks he is still giving her back chat! But at least he is not screaming at the top of his voice like that guy who was over Miss Kathryn’s knee here!

So to see more from Miss Sandie and others, go visit Oh and by the way, Im told that the video from the Miss Rebekah shoot has now been despatched to the States from the UK so it shouldnt be long now… :-)) I cant wait!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Phew….the shoot from yesterday with the gorgeous Miss Rebekah is over and wow what a day! She really knows how to dominate and punish a guy! And another 4 really great videos now complete for the members of!

Oh…and as always…a world exclusive…Miss Rebekah’s fan sign for this site! We were the ONLY site that got one! 🙂

We look forward to showing you previews here from yesterdays shoot with this Goddess real soon! Remember though, it takes a day or two to capture the video, a week to ship it from the UK to California where it is edited and then a little time on top for it to be edited! But hopefully within a couple of weeks we will be able to show you some really great previews. Miss Rebekah isn’t one of the favorites in Strict Women amongst members there for no reason! And just wait till you see her spank her naughty boy in lingerie as above 🙂

Anyway, on another note, Miss Rebekah also has Her own adult site by the way so be sure to visit Her soon there at when you can! For those who like to submit to Mistress in person you might be interested to know that Miss Rebekah DOES do personal sessions so if you think you deserve to be put across Her knee for a spanking you can contact Her at her site. Genuine and respectful emails only please if you are looking for a personal session. Or you can see Miss Rebekah punishing deserving males now exclusively at 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Wow…a great update was made to yesterday! This one features 2 ladies, both spanking together! None other than the legendary Miss Zara and her Australian teenage friend, Miss Sapphire! And boy does Miss Sapphire earn her place in the Strict Women site! Miss Zara has clearly spent some considerable time teaching her or maybe she is one more that is for real (?) but she certainly spanks AT LEAST as hard as Miss Zara thats for sure!

Here is a pic showing Miss Sapphire about to give her naughty boy another stinging spank with her strap as Miss Zara selects her favorite cane!:-)

This video is a equal to the Sent to Lady Boss Part 1 video which has been published already but for one or two clips at the Strict Women site. In this video, 3 male employees have submitted a grievance form against their new lady boss to the companies owner and director, Miss Zara who has had to come all the way down from London to Bournemouth to hear it! She is NOT amused! But after she has punished the 3 of them for wasting her time, Sent To The Lady Boss Part 2 comes in where they must now face Miss Sapphire the lady they complained about AND Miss Zara together! And this one really does show you female domination in its heights 🙂

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

To see any more you will need to join Strict Women but you can buy the video as a full downloadable movie at the FemDom Spanking Store 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

A nice over the knee spanking for you all 🙂

This image comes from our friends at Vixen Ladies 🙂 This one features Miss Sascba administering a well deserved bare bottom spanking to her naughty boy who has come for an interview as a male model. I guess he never realized at the time that he would be doing some ‘unpaid’ work for the site when he reported for his interview huh! But his new boss, Miss Sascba certainly seems ready to show him where his place is in the scheme of things 🙂

I did a review of Vixen Ladies some time ago by the way 🙂 You can see it here 🙂

To see more from this great little site go visit Vixen Ladies now on this URL

Vixen Ladies - FemDom Spanking For Naughty Boys

One of the things that you have to love about Miss Chloe is her impeccable dress sense! No matter what video you see her in, she ALWAYS looks absolutely stunning and fantastic! And by popular demands I’ve brought her back here to show yal as one of my favorite scenarios has just been updated!

This one features Her hapless servant being punished for forgetting something She wanted him to get for Her when Miss Chloe sent him out shopping. But not only that, he has forgotten to put the cat out as She commanded and the cat is wailing louder even than her naughty boy is! Its those little things that you do that irritate me She hisses as she prepares to administer another stroke of the cane! 🙂 You just cant help but fall in love with this Goddess! 🙂

Here is a short preview from todays update at Miss Chloes Slipper

So if you think you can handle being allowed within the presence of the sexiest French Mistress anywhere then why not go over and visit Her now! But be careful…Miss Chloe spanks and She spanks HARD!

Great news everybody! Im going to another shoot with Strict Women this weekend and guess who I get to see in action! None other than Miss Rebekah who is returning after a spell in Spain! Miss Rebekah was always one of my favorites at the site so im real excited about this one! She is the lady who spanks her naughty boys hands in the image at the very top of this page where it says the name of the blog! And here is a pic of her below! 🙂

I will try and get us a fan sign as usual! 🙂 But I am really looking forward to this one! And those who have seen Her in action will know and understand why! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys