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Have you ever wondered how a strict lady would deal with you if you had been cheating on her with another woman? Well in todays new video, Miss Rose demonstrates just what happens to cheating boyfriends! And the answer and warning there is just don’t do it!

The video begins with Miss Rose taking a phone call from Dodgy Daves other girlfriend where she finds out that he is seeing that other woman! So upon his entering the room Miss Rose convinces him that they will have sex but only after she gives him a play spanking as that turns her on. As soon as he is over her knee however the spanking intensifies as she explains how she knows what is going on until he is really receiving a real good hiding!

This video contains some great spanking in it from one of Strict Womens sexiest Dominant ladies! Hard but fair as she put it 🙂 See the clip below.

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Back again after the Christmas excesses everybody. I hope you all had as good a Christmas as I did 🙂 Nothing much done…just some time spent with family but I just don’t seem to be able to spend it much these days 🙂 Anyway….back to the purpose of this post 🙂

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be spanked by a strict maid hired by your wife or girlfriend to sort you out? Of course it should be your wife or girlfriend taking you in hand anyway but perhaps she feels that a stricter lady should do the honors one day and put you over her knee and soundly spank your bare ass (?) and perhaps it should be the maid she has just hired? Why not after all? It doesnt matter that you are paying the maid, she is a woman after all and therefore out ranks you!!! And never forget that fact! 🙂

Well thats the theme of today’s update at Strict Women! In this movie, Mike the sexist pig has a shock coming to him for his wife has just gone away on a pre arranged trip and organized a maid to ‘take care’ of hubby as he had asked for such. But Mikes wife has a different definition to ‘taking care’ of him than what Mike has bargained for because he thinks the maid is there to do the housework! In comes Miss Jessica however, the strict maid from the Maid Enforcer Agency! The Maid Enforcer Agency is an organization of dominant ladies who believe in helping wives and girlfriends take charge of their men using corporal punishment in the form of a sound over the knee spanking with hair brush, paddles and more! And soon they learn obedience and compliance from the worlds only FemDom Maid Agency before being handed back (complete with sore backsides) to the women in their lives!

Here is a short video preview from todays updates! 🙂

So see Miss Jessica starring in this update within a really great movie now at 🙂 Also…remember there is a sale on still at FemDom Spanking Store! So if you have had money given to you to buy yourself a present, why not take a look at some strict ladies who spank men videos? 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

I have been waiting weeks for this! And now I’m really proud to be able to announce that the lady I’ve been telling you all about since the shoot a couple of weeks ago now has made her video debut at the Strict Women site! And to that end she makes her video debut here too!

Here are a few pics to remind you who this Goddess (and boy is She really a Goddess!) is!

The pics above are not part of todays video update however…these are all forthcoming video attractions! And they are all going to be huge hits I have no doubt! No doubt because I WAS THERE to see this shot! And this lady was probably the best Domme I’ve ever seen in action! So I’m sure she is going to be a huge hit! And Strict Women are rightfully jealously protective and proud of her! Oh and a little secret…this is a true life strict woman! You can see that in her video obviously but I can tell you she totally took charge of everybody that day! Not a single male (myself included) left the house that day without a red stinging backside! Every single guy there ended up spanked for one thing or another!

Here is a short video preview from todays update at Strict Women!

And here is another clip from Miss Zoe to give you a better idea of just what She is like! Not much talk in the one above but you will certainly get the idea from this one below!

NOW then…!!! Was that not worth waiting for? More coming real soon I hope from this spitfire! But if you want to see more for now, you will need to report to Miss Zoe exclusively (you wont find this lady ANYWHERE else) at! But behave when you are in there! Word is that Miss Zoe has a permanent pass to Strict Women as their new Queen and demands regular behavior reports for all the naughty boys in there! So you can see why all the guys in the Strict Women household are on their best behaviors around this Gal!

So don’t forget yourself this Christmas! Give yourself a present and watch some more of this gorgeous Mistress’s video at Strict Women today! Its membership is less than $20 a month which at todays exchange rates for those in the UK is less than UK£10! And they have a good hundred or so Mistress’s in there with thousands of clips by the gigabyte! Without a doubt, the biggest and best of its kind….femdom spanking, woman spanking man, fm spanking, call it what you like, its the best site of its kind anywhere as far as I’ve seen :-)

So have a great Christmas everybody! And a very happy new year to you all as well. See you all again on Thursday! :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well its nearly Christmas so I figured i would show you all another of my favorite ladies from past days at Strict Women, none other than the beautiful Miss Alison!

Miss Alison came a year or so after faces like Miss Amanda and just about the ending of shoots with Miss Katelyn but this lady really stormed Strict Women. You could tell as she spanked her naughty boys that she really loved doing it and making them squirm as she insisted on yet more submission to her superiority and authority over them…an authority she took great pleasure in abusing 🙂

Add to that the fact she was drop dead gorgeous in her figure and her looks and most of all her demenour and personality which was 100% dominant from the very start and you have the perfect recipie for the dream Mistress 🙂

Good looks add instant appeal of course but for me I think what makes a woman truly sexy is her personality and the way in which she exercises her authority 🙂

Here is a short clips from one of my all time favorite Mistress’s 🙂

Ahhhh…nostalga of yesteryear is always so great 🙂

See Miss Alison spanking naughty guys exclusively now at

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Cool, one of my favorite Mistress’s is the star of today’s update at Strict Women! None other than the gorgeous Miss Catalina! And in this movie Miss Catalina demonstrates what it would be like to serve Her if you were ever privileged enough to be employed as her slave! The pic above taken from the same movie shows just what a naughty boy who disobeys a strict lady Mistress should expect! And you all know just what comes next as Miss Catalina bends her naughty boy over her knee and delivers a very sound bare bottom spanking to his already blistered butt! In this movie, Mike has been disobedient. You would think after all the spankings he has had he would know better really wouldn’t you? But no…I guess he must like them or something! 🙂 But he was given jobs to do like cleaning the toilet and taking the trash out and none of them have been done so he knows what will happen as do you! Here is a short preview clip from todays update!

OK the spanking isnt ultra ultra hard but those are two of the most painful paddles ive seen for a while! And by the look of his butt it does look like Miss Catalina has already given him a pretty good spanking! So dont delay, report to Miss Catalina now exclusively at Strict Women! And dont forget the sale on now at FemDom Spanking Store either! Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

New Story 1

Two very important bits of information I wanted to share with you all now!!! Oh and by the way, you are the FIRST to be told!

FemDom Spanking Store have just started a Christmas Sale! It is the first one ever at the site which is apparently due to end in the new year some time. So why not buy yourselves a present for Christmas and watch a good sound spanking? You know you deserve it!

In this sale, if you buy 2 movies from any of the following:

  1. Clare Fonda
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  3. Dana Specht
  4. Red Badger
  5. Sterntime

In either VHS, DVD or downloadable format then you can choose one FREE downloadable movie from either Red Badger or Miss Chloes Slipper!

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New Story 2

In the meantime, I have great pleasure in unveiling the second of my movie reviews for full length femdom spanking movies 🙂 This one is called Tasha’s Revenge. Why not take a look at the review for that AND the existing Pioneer Punishment movie? And hey…they are great movies to see! And with the news above, if you buy the two you will get a 3rd movie free from either Miss Chloe or Red Badger so you cant possibly lose right? :-))

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FemDom Spanking Store

Poor Dodgy Dave. You really have to feel for him! Spanked soundly by Miss Joanne after he was taken in by an internet scammer from Nigeria! Or do you? No…not really 🙂 For although the internet scammer should have been spanked far harsher, Dave, Miss Joannes hubby paid him with HER money! HER inheritance and without HER permission! And make no mistake, despite her passive/aggressive demenour in this video, Miss Joanne is FURIOUS!

This is the latest video from one of the best Dommes at Strict Women, loved by so many and for several years now! She was the first girl to shoot for Strict Women in the UK and set the seal on the UK as being a great location for dominant ladies to feature at the site!

This video is the first video to be published from the shoot i went to with Strict Women where the fan signs were published here so I’m really pleased to be able to show you some of this Mistress in action! See the video below.

Also at Strict Women in this update Miss Zoe made her gallery debut! here is a thumbnail from this gallery 🙂

More coming soon guys! Don’t forget…get over to visit the ladies at Strict Women now! Late = Smacked Butt! 🙂

Cool…Strict Women was updated yesterday (Thursday) with 3 more clips from the lovely Miss Rebekka, the sites only Scottish Lass who teaches the naughty boys at the site right from wrong! 🙂

In this, the latest update to this full video, Miss Rebekka is teaching her naughty boy that She does not approve of disobedience! He had been given instructions to clean out the garage but instead has been sat around lazing. And like all dominant Ladies, Miss Rebekka HATES being disobeyed! So see what happens to this naughty boy below when he forgets this!

Oh I’ve also been able to get my hands on this pic showing the lovely Miss Zoe! Looking at it, you will see what I meant about how the camera with which the fan signs below were taken was playing up. But here She is so kneel before the new Strict Women Goddess now! And be on your best behavior over the next few days as all the naughty boys are in the Strict Women household after seeing how She dealt with the two naughty boys who were disobedient and so punished in the latest shoot! This pic below is serving as a timely warning to all members in Strict Women as we speak! The video is now on its way between the UK and the USA for editing and should, Christmas rush aside, be there real soon so HOPEFULLY we will see some of Miss Zoe in action towards the end of next week on this site! So don’t miss that! Keep coming back! Or if you want to be sure to see it (and see it all…not just a short flash video preview) then why not join Strict Women now? Its only $19.95 a month! Thats about UK£10 with the value of the dollar the way it is! And they have 2 updates EVERY WEEK with new exclusive material featuring lovely dominant ladies just like Miss Rebekka above and Miss Zoe below!

So the next update to come will be on Monday and I’m on holiday from work! Yipee! 🙂 So in the meantime behave! Or else…see above! 😉

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Just for those of you out there who miss the days at Strict Women when so many of their updates were from American Ladies, I thought i would show you a quick preview of their latest update at the site! This is a new Mistress from the same photographer who brought you Miss Amanda, Miss Alison, Miss Samantha and many more! Today Strict Women welcomes the gorgeous Miss Kathryn! 🙂

In this scenario Miss Kathryn had given her naughty boy strict instructions to clean the house whilst she was out. But did it get done? Nope. He was disobedient! And disobedient boys get smacked bottoms as we all know!

Here is a short video preview 🙂

Personally I think the naughty boy makes too much fuss and she should spank him much harder as a result! What do you all think? That would shut him up for sure! 🙂

Report to Miss Kathryn now exclusively at Strict Women!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Wow I got back in the early hours of this morning from another Strict Women shoot with a new Mistress! VERY NEW in fact. It was Her very first shoot anywhere (not just Femdom but first shoot period) and She was absolutey AWESOME! And I dont just say that because She put me over her knee as well but in general. A real quiet girl at first but when the cameras started to roll a sinister little grin came onto her pretty face and off She went asserting her authority and giving good hard punishment to the naughty guys in Her charge. With Miss Zoe you can expect to see a subtle blend of the quiet and sweet yet mixed with the spoilt demanding attitude and topped off with an authorative strictness that in a first shoot, only a complete natural would display! Oh and HARD spanking mixed with an irritation at her naughty boy wrigging or making noises of pain as She spanks him!

And ive got a couple of fansigns to show you all! 🙂 They didnt come out very well unfortunatey because they had to use an older camera but you will get the feel I think when you see them anyway 🙂 And you saw Miss Zoe here first!

Miss Zoe is just so clearly an absolute natural and is destined for the height of the stars in the FemDom world, ive absolutey NO doubt about it! This Lady LOVES dominating guys and it flows in every pour of Her body. I just cant wait to show you all the video 🙂 Miss Zoe is an absolute Goddess! 🙂

It takes a week or two to get the video captured, sent from the UK to the USA and then edited but im sure Strict Women members will be witnessing the birth of our new Star real soon!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys