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Strict Mistress Vixen is the Queen of the video updates today at Strict Women in which she paddles her boyfriend after he spends money without her express permission!

This was a great video in which the naughty boy which Miss Vixen puts across Her knee receives his first spanking and you can tell by how his butt immediately turns bright fire engine red! Mind you, as petite and gorgeous as Miss Vixen looks, She is VERY strict and takes absolutely NO nonsense from ANY mere male! This is a Lady who SPANKS and SPANKS HARD and considers it pointless to even spank at all if it is not HARD!

See the video clip preview below to see this…er…Vixen (or Miss Vixen to any male out there!) in action 🙂

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I always love it when I get to see Miss Chloe and today is a real treat because She is updated not only on her own site at Miss Chloes Slipper but also at Strict Women as well! I am just head over heals in love with her accent!

In Miss Chloes Slipper Miss Chloe is featured in two update movie clips for Strict Sitter 3 in which she dresses in the same schoolgirl outfit as she did for Strict Women in Fancy Dress Incident which features the last 2 clips there today! Miss Chloe was awesome back then in that shoot and she has simply gotten better and better by the day! But Strict Women are also featuring her in the last clip from ‘The Burglar’ in which she catches a burglar in her house and punishes him for such! A really great clip!

Here is a video preview from the Strict Women update!

Dont miss this strict sexy Goddess! See her at Strict Women and at Miss Chloes Slipper now!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Miss Chloes Slipper

For those that do not like to keep their femdom spanking clips on their computers, our friends at Fetish Video Theater exist where instead of joining websites, you can go to streaming video theaters and buy time and simply watch the movies without stops or the requirement to download 🙂

And today at Fetish Video Theater they have just released 3 full new videos from Red Badger who in case you didn’t know, are responsible now for shooting most of Strict Women’s video in the UK.

By the way, half the reason I wanted to tell you about this is that Anna who runs the Fetish Video Theater has done a really great job of the flash video and picked out some real hot footage! Especially of Miss Catalina’s…shall we say…foot? LOL 🙂 And a great job of the picture display too 🙂 I think she should be really proud of her efforts…I sure am 🙂

See the video below:

November 21
Three Strict Sexy Vixens
Bring You Three New Full Lengths!

Mistress Rose-Mistress Catalina-Mistress Jessica

As you can see the movies feature Miss Rose, Miss Catalina and Miss Jessica, probably the 3 hardest spankers! 🙂 Hope You like it. And remember if you want to buy these movies on DVD or other movies like them then you need look no further than the FemDom Spanking Store! 🙂

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Or you can stream it from Miss Kelly’s fetish video theater! :-)

There has been a really great update on Strict Women today for those who love to see the girls in uniforms! This one features one of Strict Women’s harder spankers, Miss Jessica who has been asked by the naughty boys wife to come and sort her husband out as he is a male chauvinist pig and who believes that all household chores are women’s work! Yes strict ladies out there…just the sort of guy You love to put in his place right? So you can be sure Miss Jessica will teach him the errors of his ways once she has put him across her knee!

See the clip below:

As always, a really great performance from Miss Jessica in this one! And a very sore backside for the new male maid who she orders to begin dusting the house as she stands over him with spanking implement in hand!

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Yes guys, another strict lady has added her own personal fan sign to this blog! 🙂 None other than the world renowned Mistress Morigan Hel! And here it is below, presented here with pride!

Despite my chest infection and all the additional challenges that things going wrong were throwing at us this weekend I managed to attend another Strict Women shoot on Saturday with Miss Morigan and I cant wait to see the video! Trust me guys and Gals, you will LOVE this Woman!

Unfortunately Miss Rebekah could not make it on Saturday but to the rescue came another great Mistress from yesteryear at the site, none other than Miss Starr 🙂 A real fun character who just loves to tease and molest as well as spank 🙂

Anybody wishing to organize personal sessions with Strict Women’s new Goddess should contact Her at her site at

Fans of harder FemDom Spanking will be real happy this week with the latest update on Strict Women where a certain husband of Miss Rose had been a bad disobedient boy!

She had given him firm instructions that he was grounded and not allowed to leave the house so what does he do? He goes off to play snooker instead! And now he is going to be punished 🙂

See a preview video below. If you are having problems viewing video then you need to install Firefox browser by the way as internet explorer which comes packaged with windows sux…it will not load in this browser. So get a decent one ok!

Rose is one of the sexiest ladies at Strict Women and probably the harshest Mistress featured there yet in some of her video so dont miss this Lady!

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Well first of all, apologies for the late posting of this update to the FemDom Spanking blog. I’m suffering in silence as my grandfather used to say with a virus and don’t feel much like blogs but I am NOT going to be beaten! I will leave that instead to Big Peter who was the naughty boy this Thursdays update at Strict Women 🙂

I really enjoyed watching this update. Miss Zara is well known as being one of the harsher Mistress’s out there with her punishments and even though the naughty boy in this case is very used to being spanked she certainly still left her trade mark on his butt! 🙂

Here are a couple of pics:

The storyline was that under a new law, those who did not pass out of school properly must return to a new teaching center where strict woman teachers are employed to make sure that those people pass to a minimum level of qualification. Peter is one of those people. But Peter is there because he had spent most of his time playing truant and this does NOT please his new class Mistress!

There is a really great moment whilst the naughty boy is over Miss Zara’s knee where he coughs as he is looking words up in the dictionary. “Do you smoke peter” she demands to which he replies something like I used to or not any more. But this just infuriates Miss Zara who begins giving him a really hard spanking and demanding he now look up lung disease in the dictionary!

Ahhh the good old school cane 🙂 No movie would be complete without that! And Miss Zara always uses it to very good effect!

See more from Miss Zara at now :-)

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Money cant buy you love they say but it can sure save you from a sound spanking from Miss Kaylie! And it is Miss Kaylie that is the star of the updates at Strict Women today 🙂

OK she isn’t the best actress in the world or the most self confident of strict ladies out there but there is just something about her that keeps you in check 🙂 And as fragile and beautifully slim as she may look, make no mistake, this lady is one of the hardest spankers in the site and would easily leave your butt stinging like it had been attacked by a hive of bee’s! 🙂 And as she is ambidexterous she does NOT get tired like other ladies cos if she does she simply switches arms!

Take a look at a couple of images below (by the way, these are reduced significantly from the size in the site which are a good 40% or so larger than these) 🙂

As any strict lady knows, the naughty boys pants must ALWAYS be taken down for their spanking!

This particular naughty boy is going to be punished because he decided that rather than get his strict wife that nice bracelet she had been hinting about he instead decided it was far too expensive and he would give her a book token instead! The selfish brat really deserves that punishment! And yes, he is going to be spanked with the white gym shoe or plimsol as we used to call them 🙂 It brings back memories of school for me as the plimsol was used by several of the senior teachers there far more than the head ever used the cane 🙂 I will leave you to figure out which is the worst!

And a good old fashioned spanking over her knee 🙂 Always the best 🙂

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Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Miss Koko has always been one of my favorite Ladies at Strict Women 🙂 Ok she doesnt spank ultra hard but she is a true dominatrix in every sense of the word in that she can control your emotions, your actions and your words with just a look on her pretty face. I always remember the first time I saw it was in a Strict Women shoot, which was her first for Strict Women and her naughty boy that day asked her a question about whether she REALLY wanted the bigger paddle and she didn’t say a word…just looked at him with a hard glare and he knew the answer! LOL 🙂

And today at Strict Women they have published the last of one of her best videos, Professors Folly in which Miss Koko is dressed as a school/college girl who had to hand in an essay which her professor failed her on. But there is a solution he says…do him sexual favours and he will pass you! But he has picked on the wrong Woman to ask for them from! And Miss Koko goes about utterly humiliating this guy for his mistake! Spanked over her knee, ordered to bend over as she administers the cane to his bare butt he is made to feel an inch high! But his humiliation doesnt stop there as Miss Koko writes on his butt with lipstick and commands him to crawl around the room to amuse her.

Miss Koko is one of the sexiest dominant women at Strict Women in my view and I’m really pleased to see her there again 🙂 Here are a couple of pics from the video 🙂

Held by the ears Mike is made to feel like the naughty boy that he really is! Miss Koko may be younger than him but soon he is going to be finding himself over her knee and getting his bare bottom spanked! What could be more demeaning for him? All his authority drained away as the tables are turned on him by his once student now strict Mistress to whom he must now report weekly to serve and submit to punishment from!

And now in his rightful place, naughty Mike feels the discipline from his strict Mistress’s hairbrush 🙂

This is a truly great video particularly for humiliation! See the update now at Strict Women.

Note also that Miss Koko can also be found at Fetish Video Theater AND at FemDom Spanking Store

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Strict Women has just updated with one of my personal favorite ladies at the site and its one of her best yet movies, The Shoe Sniffer! Miss Catalina is gorgeous and has been giving arguably amongst the best performances of any of the girls at Strict Women. Here she is below. Be sure to be on your knees as you worship Her! And remember to show her the proper respect because Miss Catalina is one lady that definitely DOES spank!

Just look at that face! Pretty as a picture but she sure knows how to keep any guy in his place and you better not doubt it!

Miss Catalina gives a truly excellent performance as the very strict wife of her naughty boy who she has ordered to clean her shoes. But Mike has a dark secret! He apparently likes to sniff her shoes and rub them against his groin. Secrets, particularly ones that disgust Miss Catalina are not allowed by the way! Mike soon finds himself over Her knee being punished by this no nonsense lady and I heard he was feeling that spanking every time he sat down for some 2 weeks after she had paddled him!

Here is a short preview clip. If you are having trouble watching these videos by the way, try viewing them in Firefox. Internet explorer which is shipped with Windows is far from the best browser and firefox gives a much better surfing experience in my view. Anyway…videos WILL show in firefox much easier than in internet explorer. Anyway…back to the clip!

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