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Wow I’ve had a REALLY BUSY weekend! I was invited along to the Strict Women shoot again where they have been shooting some really great material πŸ™‚ There were two new videos with the sexy Miss Joanne who has already been shown on this site but also with a really hot lady called Miss Sandie who took to spanking the guys like a duck to water πŸ™‚ And guess what? Two more fan signs to show you all from some of the cutest and strictest ladies around πŸ™‚

This is Miss Joanne!

Miss Joanne at Strict Women

Isn’t she just the cutest? Wow is she EVER STRICT though! This is one hell of a task Mistress! Don’t ever dare to give her back chat cos she is sharp as a knife and the slap across the face comes quicker than you can finish your sentence!

I didn’t have a lot to do so she decided I was going to be her servant for the day and was sent to make her coffee between the scenarios which I apparently didn’t put enough sugar into so soon found myself dangling over her knee getting spanked as well πŸ™‚ She was great fun…and VERY strict πŸ™‚

And here she is. This is Miss Sandie. Keep your eyes peeled for this lady to be published at Strict Women soon! πŸ™‚

Miss Sandie Spanks Her Naughty Boy Over Her Knee

So keep your eyes open for the new lady and the new videos from Miss Joanne also at Strict Women! I can personally attest they were excellent!

Whilst the cat was away the mice did play! But now the strict cat is back and She is back paddle handed! One of my favorite ladies from Strict Women is in the updates today and I just HAVE to show you her!

Meet Miss Rebekah! This Lady just oozes strictness from every pour in her beautiful shapely body! She may strike you as a little shy at first but simmering underneath is a woman that takes absolutely NO nonsense from you or any other male on the planet!

Just take a look at this video sample from today’s update! This one is from the movie Phone Home by the way and is based on a story where her hubby has decided to go out to the bar without permission and THEN leaves his beautiful strict Wife at home alone worrying about him. But when She confronts him about this he makes some idiot comment about β€˜such is life’ which totally infuriates his strict wife who then simply replies that she will show him how life is! And before he knows it he is dangling over her knees with his pants down getting a well deserved tanned backside for his behavior!

And the lesson here? NEVER EVER underestimate the fury of a Woman scorned!

Report to Miss Rebekah Now by Clicking Here
Strict Women

Miss Rebekah spanks naughty boys exclusively at

Hmmm…picture the scene! France’s most beautiful and sexy Goddess, our very own Miss Chloe greets her boyfriend in lingerie! He might think he is in for a good time with this Goddess but she has been looking at his mobile phone and found suggestive text messages from and to him with another woman! Isn’t that incredible? You would think anybody lucky enough to be given even a second glance from Miss Chloe would be faithful wouldn’t you? But apparently not in his case. So now he will be punished and humiliated! And you can see the video today at Miss Chloe’s Slipper!

Punishing Her Cheating Boyfriend

See a short clip from Miss Chloe below:

So now you know! Miss Chloe even sent the video to all the contacts in her slave boyfriends mobile phone! NEVER underestimate just significant the saying about hell having no fury like a woman scorned when it comes to THIS Goddess!

Miss Chloes Slipper
Click Here to Visit Miss Chloe Now at Miss Chloe’s

With every ocasion that a male breaks his Mistress’s rules comes a sore backside for the male. It is how it was always supposed to be and todays update on Strict Women features Australian strict lady, Miss Karlene.

This shows part of the international flavour of Strict Women and demonstrates how the world over, males are getting spanked by strict ladies!

In this movie Miss Karlene has scheduled a spanking for her naughty boy for no particular reason other than to keep him submissive and attentive to her desires but it does not stop her bitching about the various things he has done to irritate her over the last week despite the fact she has already spanked him for every one of them!

See a preview clip featuring Miss Karlene below:

That cool, calm demeanor and voice of this woman who instinctively knows and revels in her superiority and authority over the male really comes out well with Miss Karlene πŸ™‚ I always find her one of the sexiest women in Strict Women just due to her attitude and demeanor πŸ™‚

Miss Karlene Spanks Exclusively At
Miss Karlene Exclusively Spanking Naughty Males at

One of my favorite spanking Mistress’s of all time just happens to be Miss Joanne over at She is incredible. I met her about 2 years ago and have never forgotten the experience! Make no mistake about this, Miss Joanne is unique in every way!

Of course she can spank a LOT harder than the spankings you see in this clip and by the way, harder spankings ARE on the way, but it is not the spanking that makes this lady unique so much as her entire demeanor! This Woman will shrink you down to size in seconds with one lash of her tongue together with the glare of her piercing eyes as she holds your face in a vice like grip before delivering a swift slap across the face!

I have managed to get a pic from Strict Women that demonstrates this which i show below but even this pic doesn’t quite show the glare because she is glaring at her naughty boy here rather than at you? But you will get the general idea I think πŸ™‚ Oh just as an aside, doesn’t she just have one of the prettiest faces? πŸ™‚

The Piercing Glare of Miss Joanne

Miss Joanne was a big star in the FemDom Wrestling and face sitting arena for a long time and her website which is now defunct was one of the most visited Mistress websites around for FemDom wrestling but few knew just how much this sexy Goddess LOVES to spank men! This lady is not just a drop dead gorgeous model, She is FOR REAL! Her husband gets his ass whacked regularly and from the glare she gives there are few men who would dare to cross her! Dont believe me? Think you would cross her? Well Miss Joanne DOES do personal sessions if you think you are man enough so if you would like to try it out why not contact us and we will put you in touch. But expect to be sat REAL gingerly on your seat for the next week or two if you ARE granted the opportunity to report to Her!

In the FemDom Spanking video today featuring Miss Joanne at Strict Women it is Miss Joanne’s birthday and she has spent ages getting herself ready and looking ever more beautiful and radiant in order to go out with Her husband. She is planning a meal at a posh restaurant but guess what he has done? He has forgotten this date and instead gone to the bar without her! Miss Joanne is NOT amused and you can no doubt guess what she plans to do to correct this situation? Lets just say it involves her, a hairbrush and him being put across her knee! But it does not end there as Miss Joanne announces that she is going to introduce a new contract called the Spencer Plan into his life where he will be punished by his strict Wife for every single infraction!

See Miss Joanne in action below!

So don’t keep Miss Joanne waiting! Report to her NOW at!

Strict Women

You can never fail to be thrilled when it comes to the Lady that is probably Strict Women’s hottest Mistress at the moment, Miss Catalina! And today she has returned to the site in a brand new scenario entitled the punishment book.

In this movie, the Mistress starts off by introducing the scenario and explaining what her husband has done wrong and why he is to be punished and then summoning him to Her presence where she announces he will be spanked before she orders him bend over her knee!

The spanking starts off light but in the time honoured tradition it intensifies to be really quite sound πŸ™‚ Miss Catalina is not known for being easy going with the spankings she hands out to errant males and takes her FemDom very seriously indeed!

Here is a nice FemDom Spanking pic where the sexy Miss Catalina spanks her naughty husband over her knee!

Miss Catalina

Don’t you just dream of being put across those knees like he was? See Miss Catalina in action in the video below!

Ahhhh a strict lady spanking a naughty adult male over Her knee πŸ™‚ Just the way Goddess intended it to be right?

Strict Women

You can run but you can not hide from a spanking from Miss Rebekka! The latest update features Dodgy Dave, Miss Rebeka’s slave who thought that he could get away with lazing around and not doing his chores! But as Miss Rebekka, possibly FemDom Spankings cutest Scottish lass demonstrates, there is no hiding from a smacked bottom from her!

Miss Rebekka has always been a very popular Mistress at Strict Women so you would be foolish to miss her! Go report to her now! Oh and Miss Rose below also who makes her gallery debut at Strict Women only 2 days after the shoot! πŸ™‚

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Arrived back home yesterday from the Strict Women shoot with Mis Rose at about 2am and got up this morning/afternoon about 1pm! I was exhausted! But guess what? I have my very own fansign from one of the UK’s top and most beautiful Mistress’s! See below!

Miss Rose

Boy was it ever hot! A really hot day in a fairly stuffy room with 4.5 kilowatts of studio lighting making it even hotter! But the real heat was coming from the guys butts and glowing out of the radiance of Miss Rose as she applied what must have been one of the hardest spanking sessions ive seen from Strict Women yet.

Mistress Rose, you will be pleased to know has her own website by the way at where she will take your bookings for personal sessions if you are man enough to take what she will dish out and consider yourself worthy of Her attention! And I can personally guarantee that you will NEVER forget your experience and will be unable to do so anyway for several days/weeks to come after she has finished with you! You will be given a very sharp reminder of your experience EVERY time you sit down or move in your seat!

Those of you who enjoy verbal derision and humiliation as well as very hard spanking will really love Mistress Rose who will bring her own unique blend of beauty, severity and overal aura of superiority and slave derision to the Strict Women site. Make no mistake, this is a Lady that is truly 3 dimensional and you should explore each of those dimensions with extreme care as that cane She holds in Her hand is NOT just for show and effect!

I cant wait to see the video πŸ™‚ They completed 4 of them yesterday by the way and Im looking forward to showing you some previews here in due course!

Throughout the years there have been a number of dominant women that you might have heard of. We could chat about them for ages πŸ™‚ I have several favorites from over the years but it is only the very best whose names go on into legendary status. One of those I think is Ms Dana Specht.

If you have not seen Ms Danas website then you really should do yourself a favour and take a look! Ms Dana has been around for some years on the net and it has grown to be one of the best individual sites around. Sure….others have tonnes of video clips and thousands of images but few of them actually give any part of themselves? And that is the difference I think that Ms Dana has in her site. It is like a community. Her diary always remains a great read and there is one thing in her site that you probably wont find elsewhere and that is audio scolding where Ms Dana speaks to you about how she is going to spank you. You just have to imagine standing before her as she taps that oak hairbrush or paddle against the palm of her hand! πŸ™‚

Ms Dana has been in numerous femdom spanking movies also! Take a look at her selection at the FemDom Spanking Video Store for example!

Soaping His Mouth

And just to prove the imagination of this woman…how often do you see the old mouth soaping thing? πŸ™‚ Not very often!

So go visit Ms Dana when you get a chance πŸ™‚ You wont be sorry…there is a great unique feel about her site and long may that continue πŸ™‚

Ms Dana Specht