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Several months ago I went along to a shoot for Strict Women where they were shooting in the countryside with Mistress Vixen and Mistress Valkyrie who most of you probably know 🙂 And today I have gotten to see some of the shoot from Mistress Vixen!

Something that might surprise you is that Ive been to quite a few FemDom shoots in the past (and one or two maledom too) and seen many Mistress’s perform but this particular movie with Mistress Vixen I would have to rate as being probably the golden performance of all of them 🙂 Seriously she was THAT GOOD! In fact, I always think that the mark of a true dominatrix is that they can go on for as long as the movie goes on, coming up with fresh ideas without there being any need whatsoever for the cameras to stop rolling. Most Ive seen are like that but a few need the prompts. Then there are the ladies like Mistress Vixen who just electrify the room with their performance! And this was just one such expample performance that frankly has left so many others in the shade!

In fact, you may not be aware of this but quite often, Strict Women do duel UK shoots with Deadly Females and sometimes also Dark Star Girls where a Mistress will be shooting with Strict Women whilst another Mistress shoots with the other site and then they swap over. This was one of those days. But although you can not see this going on, just 20 minutes into this movie with Mistress Vixen, Mistress Valkyrie, her slave and most of Deadly Females and their film crew were watching Mistress Vixen from behind the door as she spanked her slave with a cane as he kissed her bottom. In the climax of the movie as it came to an end, Mistress Vixen had a standing ovation and cheers! And I have NEVER seen that happen before! Unfortunately this was not shown in the movie but you can bet the atmosphere was electric! And the video is truly excellent!

And Mistress Vixen? One of the nicest not to mention cutest women anywhere I have seen on the net or in real life either come to that!

Here are a couple of pics

Mistress Vixen

Mistress Vixen in Pervy Peeper

Yes that cane gets used by the way! The moral of the tale is that Her ass is for worship, yours is for spanking! Get used to it! 🙂 But you do not get pleasures like this without the pain that goes with it so you can imagine how much this guy suffered! Mistress Vixen had already broken her hairbrush on her slaves butt and so had to move to a wooden clothes brush and you can see the damage that has caused on his butt! So the caning that came was on top of that and boy did he suffer!

Here is a short preview!

I always say the mark of a great FemDom movie is whether the Domme is able to make the viewer feel the tension in the room. I can only speak for myself but I think Mistress Vixen clearly did that in this movie. See more of it exclusively on Strict Women! Mistress Vixen by the way has a great website you can visit at

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Ok you have probably seen these sites before right? Spanking Teen Brandi and Women Spanking Men? But Ive just seen a few pics featuring teen Brandi as the domme paddling some guys butt for him so I thought i would share one or two with you 🙂

Women Spanking Men is one of the older FemDom Spanking sites out there and has been growing for some time. You can be sure they will have absolutely tonnes of video on thier site and *hopefully* plenty with Miss Brandi who I personally think is gorgeous 🙂 Here she is below 🙂

Miss Brandi At Women Spanking Men

OK, I agree she should have made him take his pants down and spanked him bare ass (and actually she does!) but im a sucker for brunettes in tight skirts wearing stockings, especially when they have a paddle in their hands! LOL 🙂 And I love the look on her face and that look isnt quite captured in the pics i saw with Miss Brandi in 🙂

This gang seem to have come a long way since the days when I remember Real Spankings was actually an Adult Check AVS site! I think in fact, from memory, they were one of the first full spanking members sites and certainly one of the first that actually began shooting their own content! Of course back then it was just the two of them I think and the lady at the site, you would never see her face? But that seems to have all changed now and they are a great little femdom spanking site for those of us who love to see dominant ladies spanking their men! 🙂

Here are a couple more pics:

School Spanking at Women Spanking Men

So as you can see these guys DO get pretty hard spankings! I personally dont like seeing the bruising etc but I do enjoy watching the ladies give the guys what they deserve 🙂

School Spanking at Women Spanking Men

Ahhh….I love the school scene in spanking movies dont you? 🙂 Looks like all these guys in these pics are all in detention as well judging by the clock on the wall! 🙂 I think we used to finish at 3:30pm when I was in school! 🙂

Here in the UK its a bank holiday today! Huray! So ive been taking it easy 🙂 I have to recover from the party last night 🙂 But looking today at the new update at Miss Chloes Slipper I see Miss Chloe has published the first instalments of the 3rd Strict Sitter movie! I have loved those movies since the first one came out and Miss Chloe had the guys playing musical chairs with a spanking if they moved after she said to stop! LOL 🙂 She really is a Mistress with bags of imagination! 🙂

Today the site updates with the 3rd of the 3 (so far) Strict Sitter movies and I understand there will be a 4th coming soon also where the last of the 3 friends, the birthday boy will be getting his spanking also 🙂

Im told there are some changes coming at the Miss Chloes Slipper site also but they are quite tight lipped about them at the moment but they seem to be very busy with various things on the site so I am really keen to find out whats going on! Dont worry, when I do find out you will be the first to know! 🙂

The storyline is fairly easy for this movie. You have seen some talk of the synopsis for Strict Sitter 2 where Miss Chloe had been asked by Mikes wife to look after him and make sure he doesnt misbehave finds Mike (who seems to have been renamed Andy in this movie) was spanked for organising a party with a stripper! He tried to persuade Miss Chloe that what he actually said was flipper and he was going to watch a wildlife program but She was having none of it! LOL 🙂 So for Strict Sitter 3, Mike’s friend Dodgy Dave arrives with a bottle of whiskey for the party! So now it is his turn! Mike is also in trouble as he disobeyed Miss Chloe’s command to answer the door nude with his panties on his head which he didnt do! So I guess you will already know what happens to people who disobey Miss Chloe?

Here is a short preview clip 🙂

Miss Chloes Slipper

Every few years or so a new Domina is born that quite literally sweeps a blazing path in her wake! The cobwebs immediately disapear (males know not to let her see them) and everything in the community is totally spick and spank! We have seen a number of these ladies before, Miss Amanda of Strict Women, Miss Jetta and Porche Lynn from Cameo Classics, Miss Chloe at Miss Chloes Slipper, all with their own unique individuality and now we welcome a lady who I truly believe is probably one of the very best Ive seen anywhere!

Enter Miss Catalina. Bow now before your new Goddess guys and gals and bow low! This is one lady that is more than capable of swiping the smirk from your face!

Miss Catalina

The paddle you see Miss Catalina above by the way is a genuine paddle handed down through her family since the turn of the last century and you can take it from me it stings like the blazes! Especially when She uses it! It practically covers the entire surface of any guys bare backside and leaves Her trademark there immediately and for the next couple of weeks AT LEAST! Just suffice to say, once she has put you across her knee and used that paddle on you, you will NEVER forget it!

Miss Catalina

By the way, the images above have been reduced in size quite substantially from the images that members will see inside Strict Women in order to make them show on the page correctly and you will not find the sites url on images inside their site either.

Todays video featuring Miss Catalina is called Sent to Miss Rowley Williams. As always it is a full length FemDom Spanking video but it is split into clips so at some stage if you like this video no doubt it will also be available on DVD but that will not be just yet.

The storyline (yes…storyline, so many spanking sites dont seem to bother with storylines these days do they?) is set around a high class strict manageress running her own business. Miss Catalina owns the company which she has created and built from scratc and she has discovered that Dodgy Daveas he is known in the face sitting world has been helping himself to the companies money. Thousands of pounds of it in fact! And Miss Catalina is FURIOUS! There is no option given to this guy as in many such movies based around the “submit to discipline or be fired” routine, he is simply told he will be spanked for his actions and he knows better than to try to plead! Soon his trousers and pants are around his ankles and he is laying over her knee getting the hiding of his life.

Images do not quite give the real feel of this lady however so I wanted to show you some video 🙂 So see below:

Wow its Monday again! God dont the weeks ever fly? But you know what? Despite the Boomtown Rats song about not liking Mondays which is one of my favorites by the way, I actually really like Mondays because I feel fresh after the weekends AND because its update day on the best spanking sites out there!

Today I think im going to go a little more indepth with one of the newer sites on the net which I think gets far too little coverage! And that is Miss Chloes Slipper. Despite the name, it has nothing…well…very little to do with foot domination or worship, but rather refers to the slipper that Miss Chloe uses to spank the naughty males under her charge! But of course it could also have been called Miss Chloes cane or Miss Chloes paddle or hand I guess as she uses those too! LOL 🙂 But it wasnt, so we deal with what we have? 🙂

And today is update day on Miss Chloes Slipper which is updated twice weekly with its second update being on Thursdays (same as Strict Women). And todays update is from a really good spanking movie called The Scheduled Spanking which is a movie I personally love because Miss Chloe in her hypnotic French accent tells her slave how she is going to spank him more regularly. There is plenty of use of the word spank in this movie and thats something that I personally love. But Im curious, am I alone in that? Is this a word you love to hear the girls say to you as well? Tell you how they are going to SPANK you?

Well anyway, here is a short clip from the movie

And so here is a lesson for you! If you are ever lucky enough to be punished by Miss Chloe, NEVER move your hand away when she whacks that paddle down towards it! It irritates the life out of her! And the paddle will then go straight for your face! LOL 🙂 And ok, that may not matter so much with one of those leather paddles but if it happens to be a thicker wooden paddle or the cane you will know it!

So for a very unique FemDom Spanking experience that you will not see anywhere else, the dominant French beauty Miss Chloe spanking her slaves, get along now to Miss Chloes Slipper and be sure not to keep her waiting because lateness is a spankable offence in Miss Chloes world!

Miss Chloes Slipper

Just got back from checking out the latest update on Strict Women and its a really great one! This one features a very strict no nonsense lady called Miss Jessica. I think I have seen her before but this video was much better than the others i had seen.

In this video Miss Jessica has caught her servant rifling through her knicker drawer and she is NOT best pleased! Yes I know, its a scenario that has been done before but its an Oldie But Goldie and no matter how many times i see the scenario played out, I love it! 🙂

This update with Miss Jessica features spanking that is a good bit harder than many ive seen at the site before and the strap she uses is one of the thickest ive seen used there. And i have it on good authority from BOTH of the guys who were put across her knees that day that their butts were truly blistered by the end of their day and they were sitting gingerly at work for a good week and a half after! And one of them had a lady boss so you can imagine how he watched his behaviour around her afterwords!

So would you like to see Miss Jessica in action? Well ive managed to secure a short preview from the site for you 🙂

The gallery featured a fairly pretty lady that I haven’t seen anywhere else on the net that they call Miss Kaylie. She is not the strictest lady I’ve seen but she does spank quite hard and she doesn’t take any nonsense from the guys which is what I like to see most of all 🙂 There are some sites out there where the guy swears at the woman and insults her as she spanks him and you don’t see any of that in this site and certainly not with Miss Kaylie who is one of the quieter ladies at the site. You feel like if the guy would give any lip to any of them then it would probably be Miss Kaylie but believe me, she is able to hand out a pretty good spanking with that right arm and her left too as she is ambidextrous! 🙂

Here is a pic of Miss Kaylie in action which is taken from this latest update… The pic is a good bit smaller by the way than the original on the Strict Women site in order to allow it to display properly on the page if nothing else! 🙂 But you will get the idea!

Miss Kaylie Spanks Her Naughty Boy

As you can see, there is a quiet look of determination on her face as she brings that cane down on the guys butt and its used pretty early on in the spanking with Miss Kaylie too! She is not one to give the guy a ‘warm up’ . It takes more to make Miss Kaylie punish you but when you reach that stage you can be sure she spanks to make an impression 🙂

So until later…have a spanking good weekend! 🙂

Mondays is one of the update days at Strict Women and one of my favorite strict ladies is on! Well…TWO of them actually! Because there is a new gallery from Miss Staci! And isnt she gorgeous?

Miss Staci Spanks Naughty Bob

Miss Staci is from the USA and knows exactly how to discipline guys under her control! This guy was yelling out when he was having his ass whupped for not doing the laundery so one of her pairs of panties are stuffed into his mouth as a gag!

You just have to look at the look on her face to see she means business which is one of the things i really like about her 🙂 Miss Staci is a no nonsence lady and when she spanks you, she spanks you with purpose 🙂

Miss Joanne on the other hand is an English lady and boy does she know how to put a guy in his place! Miss Joanne in the video updates for today at Strict Women plays the part of the dream manageress for most subby guys like me 🙂 The manageress that takes no jip from any guys and is quite prepared to bare your ass and put you across her knees if you give her any!

Here is a preview pic from the video! The pictures in the site by the way are bigger and they do not have the site’s website address url on them 🙂

Miss Joanne spanks her naughty boy

The spanking in the bulk of this video in the members area is a good bit harder than you see here so dont worry 🙂 Inthis clip she is playing a game of making him count each smack as she administers it fast and then slow and then ultra fast 🙂

Miss Joanne for those who dont know, was a big star in the FemDom Wrestling & Face Sitting world not so long ago and for good reason, she absolutely LOVES dominating guys! Yes guys…Miss Joanne is dominant in real life!

I always remember a great clip with Miss Joanne where she played the strict sister in law who was going to spank her sisters hubby when he went out to play golf and told him how he deserved to be punished as “you’ve been a very VERY naughty boy!” 🙂 And then the time when her naughty boy had an erection which she immediately dealt with by using her heavy leather strap to whack his penis with the hiss of “THAT shouldnt be there should it!” 🙂 So believe me…Miss Joanne is a lady with absolutely BAGS of personality! If you ever go see her in Strict Women, she is bound to become one of your favorites! 🙂

By the way, you can see Miss Joanne’s full videos that I speak of above at FemDom Spanking Store!

Here is one for all of you who fantasise about being punished by a strict Head Mistress! Today at Strict Women we note a great update featuring Miss Zara as the strict Head Mistress. Miss Zara I think is great. She is one of those no nonsence, cant win no matter what you do Mistress’s! I remember a movie with her once where the guy dared to tell her that he felt the appointment of the strict new manageress under her was not a good move and that he thought it was supposed to be a professional business to which she yells “you dont think i run my business professionally!”Anyway, Miss Zara now in this new update if you love the Head Mistress scenarios! Here is a small pic:

Miss Zara in Lesson from Miss Zara

Those of you who love CFNM will particularly like this scenario as well as the Strict Women site. There is a good selection of it there! But it is not 100% CFNM or even 75% for that matter so those of you who do not want to see the guy nude will like the site too…especially when they see how the Mistress’s seem to really be serious when they yell and spank!

If you have not seen Miss Zara in action here is a short preview…

Do you think you could take that spanking?

Hands up those of you who have a particular fantasy of being spanked by a French Mistress? I dont mean just being spanked by a dominant woman, I mean a French woman in particular? The skool discipline fantasy of being spanked by your teacher who is French? Telling you that you are a naughty boy in that seductive French accent? There is a fairly large number I would say within the group of submissive guys but there is very little on the net, until recently that is, that caters for those who have that fantasy or at least until now!

Enter Miss Chloe of Miss Chloes Slipper!

Miss Chloe

Here you see the gorgeous Miss Chloe slapping a sandal on her hand as her submissive guy kneels before her begging her not to administer that spanking he knows he is going to get with it!

Its hard to find words to describe Miss Chloe. Beautiful, genuine, imaginitive…the adjectives are endless but needless to say that she has absolutely everything that you ever dreamed of in that French Mistress in buckets but then so much more besides! You just dont know what she is going to do next!

I absolutely LOVE Miss Chloe’s site. It is probably one of the top 2 or 3 FemDom spanking sites on the net in my opinion at the moment! Miss Chloe may not be the best known Mistress out there at the moment but she is rising in the popularity charts very fast. Working as she does with Strict Women, she has around about 26 or so full length movies so far and many of them are published in clips on her site. You can also buy her videos as DVD’s at the Femdom Spanking Store but bear in mind that members of her site get a discount on every DVD that they buy so if you intend to buy 4 or more of those DVD’s then the money you would save would pay for a month’s membership to her site!

Miss Chloe is gorgeous 🙂 Just go take a look at her site and see the many streaming flash videos she has in the members area and you will be as captivated as I am and the many that have fallen at her feet before me 🙂