Harry was a petty clerk in Government Sales Tax department.  He worked honestly and sincerely and never accepted bribe which is unusual. All went well. But ultimately temptation spares nobody.

Peter was a big sales tax payer. He was impressed with Harry. He would often compliment Harry for his honesty and sincerity.  One day, he said to Peter: “I want a very sincere person like you in my firm.”.  But Harry was satisfied with government job and so he did not heed to the suggestion.  But Peter really needed an honest man. So, he repeatedly offered for job in his firm. One day, Peter told him that he would get top post in taxation department of his entire group of companies and he would be getting salary about three times that government gave him.

Ultimately, Peter accepted the offer. He resigned his post. some of his colleagues even said that what ever glitters is not always gold. Moreover, no private job can equal the prestige and dignity that a government job gives.  But now Harry was too much lured by Peter’s offer. He listened to none and submitted his resignation from government job.

For some time, all was well in Peter’s firm. Harry got good salary. But in the course of day to day work, Harry came to know that the firm indulged in gross irregularities. There were tax evasions. Harry had been employed only to influence the sales tax department and other government organizations. Peter had not fully understood the character of Harry. Harry did not cooperate in tax evasion. The firm began defaulting in payment of salary and other remuneration to Harry.

One day Harry resigned. He was now on street. He soon became penniless. He could not join government service again. He wandered from street to street to get a job. He even looked for small typing jobs.  Somehow, he managed to survive.

One day, he went to see Mr. Vijay, one of his friends who worked in a law firm. As he was unemployed, he would go to his friend often. One day, his friend was  absent from his work. Mr. Prakash, advocate- proprietor of the law firm- asked Harry what he was doing. Harry said that he was ex sales tax employee and presently, he was jobless. Mr. Prakash asked Harry if he could type. Harry typed some papers for him. The advocate asked Harry to visit his office whenever he liked even if his friend was not there.  Harry began frequently visiting the advocate  Meanwhile, Vijay’s mother died and he stopped coming to office. One day, Mr. Prakash gave some money to Harry . He was reluctant but Mr. Prakash persuaded him to accept the money. He also requested Harry to regularly visit the firm.

Harry would frequently visit the law firm of Prakash Taxation advocate. As Vijay stopped coming, he was removed from the job. Prakash requested Harry to regularly visit his office. Harry said that there was not enough work for him in his office. But the advocate stressed that it was better to sit in his office even without work rather than wasting time at residence or streets. Moreover, if he regularly came, there would definitely be work for him.

Very soon Harry got proficiency in the work. The advocate was happy. He did not fix salary but would give handsome amount to Harry frequently. Harry would finish every job in short time but he had addiction to liqueur and internet. even during business hours, he would often visit pub. In office, he would spend more time on adult sites on the internet.

One day, Prakash, Advocate found Harry in inebriated state.   He said nothing that day but next day mildly advised Harry to refrain drink during business hours. Further, even during business hours, if he at all went to pub, he need not appear in office in drunken state as this would give a bad impression on clients.

Harry was cautious after that. But he would often leave office early and go to pub. Also in office he would spend more time in visiting adult sites on internet. Some clients and other advocates also noticed this. But Mr. Prakash ignored as he had some sympathy for Harry. Prakash liked the merits of Harry in legal drafting and preparing briefs for legal cases. He did not want Harry to leave his office despite any demerits.

But Harry could not be so fortunate for ever. Prakash had two children. The children were growing up.  The day arrived when both children were sent to another city to stay in school hostel.  Now Prakash and his wife, Rita were alone. Rita felt lonely at home. So she also began visiting office.  She noticed that Harry would indulge in drinking at pub during business hours and visiting adult sites on internet. She talked to Prakash but got the reply that Harry had to be tolerated.

Rita could not easily allow indiscipline in her husband’s office. One day she asked Prakash as to what Harry actually was expected to do in office. Harry replied- ‘Drafting of legal correspondence and appeals etc.’

Rita- “He does not deal with clients”

Prakash- Of course, he does not deal with any clients or department.

Then Rita said that there was no need for Harry to work in the office. Instead he could do the job even in their residence that had a room equipped with with computer and books.

Prakash agreed. Harry would work in residence of Prakash. There, he would work all day. Rita would not allow him to leave early or use internet during business hours. Prakash tolerated Harry but Rita would not. She could not remove Harry but could correct him.

One day, she noticed that Harry was busy with adult sites on internet. She scolded Harry- How do you dare watch such dirty sites?’  Harry just murmured- Ma’am I have just visited this for five minutes.

Rita said- Do not fool me.

She searched history of sites visited and found many adult links. She shouted- Harry. Not only you make such blunders. You also tell lie. You are really a very bad boy.

Rita slapped Harry hard. Then she ordered him to remove his shirt and vest. He obeyed. Then she asked him to remove pant and underwear also. He hesitated. Then she tied his hands to a hook on the ceiling of the room and removed his trousers and underwear herself. He was stark naked before a lady and unable to move even. She spanking Harry. She spanked him with hands for some time. Then she fetched a hair brush and spanked Harry very hard.

Harry began crying with pain. So far, he had never been spanked.  He remembered that last time he was caned when he was just in school. But as an adult spanking was unthinkable. Harry pleaded with Rita to spare his behinds that were simmering.

There was a knock on the door. Harry requested that she may see the visitor in another room as he would be put to shame before strangers.

But Rita laughed and said- Do you not put us to shame when you are in inebriated state. You are just a grown up bad boy. You must be corrected. There is no way better than hard spanking on your bare bottoms.

Rita went to the door to receive the guest.  In came, Mary, next door neighbor.  She was curious to see spanked bottoms of Harry. Rita explained- He is in my husband’s employment. He likes him. In fact, he is very good worker. But he is also a bad boy. He is used to drinks and adult internet sites. Mary said- That is why you are spanking him.

Mary said- You have spanked him enough. Now sit in sofa and let me warm Harry’s bottoms.

Mary began spanking Harry while Rita looked on. She enjoyed spanking sitting comfortably in sofa. Mary seemed expert in spanking. She would raise her hands up and then forcefully spank the nude behinds of Harry. Now Harry faced the shame of standing nude before two ladies and getting spanked so hard. But soon he forgot shame as spanking became harsher. He was crying like a small child.

There was another knock on the door. Then came Mr. Prakash. He was astonished to watch his assistant being spanked by the neighbor woman in presence of his wife.

Prakash- What is this?  Has he misbehaved or molested any girl? I know that he drinks and also visits dirty sites on internet. But why put him to shame and spank him this way.

Mary said- Mr. Prakash! Harry is innocent. He is well behaved. He is also good worker as you know. But he spends time on adult sites Is drunkenness not bad enough. Do you think such habits can be corrected by mere lecture. Rita is quite intelligent. she knows how to tackle such bad boys.  It is my pleasure to help her in correcting Harry.

There was pause.  The maid servant entered with snacks and tea. Prakash, Rita and Mary began taking tea. The maid servant was leaving but Rita asked her to feed snacks and tea to Harry as his hands were tied. The maid servant fed snacks and tea to Harry with her hands. Harry was feeling very embarrassed in his miserable condition.

When snacks were over, maid servant left. Mary said- I am coming with a leather flogger within a few minutes.

Mary reentered the room with a fierce leather flogger. She began spanking Harry. This was very unbearable.  He squirmed and gasped on each spank. His bottoms jiggled with pain.  Red blue welts were visible on his behinds. He gasped  He cried bitterly.

Rita saw blood on Harry’s buttocks. Then she said- This is enough. Stop.

The maid servant untied Harry. Unable to stand, Harry fell to the floor.

Rita decided that Harry would stay that night there only.

Harry learnt his lesson the hard way. He was chastened.


Roshan was employed as a manager in a leading bank in Ahmedabad.  He was transferred to Delhi.  His uncle lived in Delhi.  He thought of staying for a few days with his uncle before he could find a suitable accommodation.

He left for Delhi. His uncle welcomed him expressing his joy to see him after a long time. His uncle lived alone in a spacious house.  Also lived a working woman and her daughter in a separate portion of his uncle’s house.  One day, his uncle got a message from Calcutta. So he had to leave. While going he told that he may have to stay at Calcutta for a long period.  So, he entrusted Roshan with responsibility of maintaining house and other affairs in his absence.

A week later, the tenant, Mrs. Sujata Menon  told Roshan that she was going along with her daughter Krishna to Kanya Kumari and other places. She would return probably after a month and half. She paid rent in advance to Roshan.

Two days later,  a neighbor contacted Roshan for a room. Roshan told that there was already a tenant in his house and he could not hire out. But the neighbor insisted that a friend of his required the accommodation only for a week for a wedding ceremony.  Roshan thought for a while and agreed to give the accommodation for one week. He had key of the rented portion with him. He got advance for one week  and allowed his neighbor’s friend to use the accommodation.

As ill luck would have it, Mrs. Sujata came back just two days later and was annoyed that her portion had been let for a week to some one else. She rebuked Roshan and said:  You are a cheat and greedy person. I am going to stay in a hotel. I shall come back next week and teach you lesson.

The neighbor’s friend vacated the accommodation next week. Mrs. Sujata returned and entered her portion.  She shouted at Roshan- You idiot, greedy chap.  How you dared rent this portion to some one?  Had you not got the advance rent already?

Roshan had obviously no answer. He quietly listened.  Mrs. Sujata said:  Perhaps you don’t know that my ex husband is a good lawyer. I shall ask him to sue you for your cheating. You will learn to behave well in future.

Roshan was scared of legal action. He understood that Mrs. sujata would do what she said. He was also afraid of his uncle’s reaction. He begged mercy and promised to pay her the one week rent that he had earned from his neighbor’s friend. But Sujata said that she was not interested in money. She would not spare Roshan.  Roshan was almost in tears and he bowed very meekly before her.

Sujata said:  Okay. I shall not tell your uncle about your folly and also not file any case in court. But I shall not spare you.  Lock your portion and come here and stay with me tonight.

Roshan locked his portion and came to Sujata’s room as ordered by her.  In the room were three: Mrs Sujata, her daughter Krishna and Roshan.  She had dinner with her daughter and Roshan.

After dinner, Sujata ordered Roshan to remove his clothes. Roshan removed his shirt and vest. Sujata shouted:  Remove your trousers and under garments also.

Roshan said:  Madam, I feel shy in front of two ladies- mother and daughter.

Sujata said: Bastard. Do you think that we have never seen a nude male body.

Sujata slapped Roshan in his face. Then Roshan removed his trousers and underwear also. He was stark naked before a forty years old lady and her teenager daughter.  Both laughed at him.

Then Sujata ordered Roshan to stand on fours like a dog.  She sat comfortably in a sofa.  Her daughter Krishna sat near Roshan and began hand spanking him. She spanked him for a few minutes.  His buttocks were reddened and simmering.  Then spanking stopped.  Roshan felt some relief.

Sujata went to another room and came back with a hair brush. She gave a few hard spanks and then handed over to her daughter. Krishna gave a few hand spanks on his buttocks. He felt not only pain but also humiliation  of punishment in nude at hands of young girl and her mother. Moreover, he also feared that some visitor may arrive and see his miserable condition.

Roshan’s fear was true. The door bell rang. Sujata said to Krishna- “See if the visitor is for Roshan. If so, tell him to come another day. Otherwise let the visitor in”.

Krishna opened the door. A young man and his wife entered. They were Sujajata’s family friends-  Ashok Gupta and his wife Asha Gupta. Sujata welcomed them. They sat in the sofa. Sujata offered them drink and snacks. Asha Gupta noticed Roshan standing nude on fours. She asked: who is this chap? what are you doing to him and why”

Sujajata said: “This fellow is Roshan, my landlord’s nephew. He gave this portion on rent for one week in my absence even though I had paid rent in advance. He is greedy fellow and needs strict spanking.”

Ashok Gupta said: But this is inhuman and unlawful. why not instead report to police?

Sujata: He is more scared of police and courts.  So, spanking is okay to him.

Asha Gupta-” Okay. Men need be spanked. This is best punishment. But are you spanking him with bare hands?

Sujata- “I gave him a few spanks with hand and hand brush. Krishna also  has given him a few hand spanks. She was going to spank him with hand brush when you arrived.

Asha Gupta- “Nice. Shall I spank him.”

Sujata- “Why not. This is my pleasure.”

Asha Gupta spanked hard with her bare hands followed by hair brush.

Each spank reddened his buttocks. Roshan began howling and crying. His sound of ouch and ooo were amusing to all.

Asha Gupta suddenly said to her husband- ‘Dear, Will you just go home and bring the flogger that one friend presented me just last week. I wish to use that on Roshan’s bottoms.”

Ashok obeyed and left. His house was not far away. He came back within fifteen minutes with a flogger. .Asha resumed spanking with the cat o nine tail type flogger.  Roshan’s cries became louder. He made sound of ouch on each spank. His buttocks moved to and fro with immense pain. This delighted all.

Guptas begged for leave. Sujata said- “I shall spank Roshan for full week as he had rented this portion for one week. Please leave the flogger here.”

Asha Gupta- “Tomorrow is Saturday.  I spank Ashok on Saturdays. I maintain a diary of all his offences for which I spank on his plump posteriors. So, I shall need the flogger tomorrow.”

Sujata- “Then leave the flogger here and come back tomorrow with Ashok. It will be fun to spank both together.”

Asha Gupta- “Very good suggestion.  I’ll come with Ashok tomorrow.”

Guptas left. Krishna continued spanking. She would give two spanks and wait for two minutes. This would increase  the spanking affect. She would give first spank lightly and the second harsher. Buttocks of Roshan had become red blue and were simmering.

Sujata said- Let us stop spanking. He will get another dose tomorrow.

Next day as Sun set, Guptas came  with another couple. Mrs Asha Gupta introduced them as Mr. Raj Saxena and Mrs. Avantika Saxena. Avantika was Asha’s old friend and class mate.

Asha Gupta said- Today, we have three men to spank- Roshan, Ashok and Raj. Avantika has brought a very fierce tawse.  Today let us all sit and watch how Avantika spanks all the three.

The three men were made to stand nude. They were tied with rope hanging from the ceiling. They stood close to each other.

Sujata, Krishna and Asha sat in Sofa and enjoyed to see the spanking.  that Avantika gave on nude posteriors of the three helpless men. The women enjoyed the spectacle of three nude men getting spanked simultaneously. All three men shrieked, howled and made sound of ouch, ooh. Their bottoms were crimson red and simmering. The pain caused their buttocks move right and left, up and down rhythmically. This amused the three ladies.

Sujata took over the tawse and asked Avantika to rest in sofa and watch.  when Sujata felt that she had spanked enough, she handed over the tawse to Asha. Last, Krishna got the chance to spank.

Spanking continued till early morning next day. The men were obviously exposed to heaviest and most cruel spanking.  They could not bear even a single stroke more. seeing their miserable bottoms crimson red with mark of blood, the ladies stopped spanking.

Roshan’s ordeal has not ended. Sujata, her daughter Krishna and other ladies have enjoyed spanking his rounded lovely bottoms. Roshan is part of group spanking orgy.  He is often spanked for offences like coming home drunk, late coming, making nuisance etc.

Mrs. D. Silva was newly posted to Happy Hills as Superintendent of Police (Traffic).  She found that traffic condition in city was very unsatisfactory. There were traffic jams at many points. The vehicle drivers and others did not obey the traffic rules. Therefore, the chaotic conditions prevailed.  She was told that even heavy fines and strictness did not work.

She though of a plan.  Although not so lawful, she decided to introduce a disciplinary system that would definitely bring wonders. She told her staff that only corporal punishment and public shame can correct the offenders. If everyone was forced to go by rules, the traffic condition would improve.

John was a taxi driver in the city. He would often overload his taxi.  Only four passengers were permitted but he would even carry six or more passengers. He would also violate the traffic signals and drive rash. He wanted to earn maximum possible even at cost of safety.

One day, John was caught carrying seven passengers in his taxi.  He was driving at speed of 60 KM per hour whereas the maximum speed allowed in city was 40 KM per hour.  He tried to bribe but the traffic inspector, Ms. Lily spanked him hard with her bare hands.  She rebuked the passengers also for sitting in overloaded taxi.  She spanked them also very hard with her leather strap and ordered them to pay the driver and leave the taxi.  Thereafter, she ordered John to drive the taxi to the Traffic police headquarters. Mrs. D. Silva also gave instantly six spanks on John’s bottoms. Then she told Lily to take John to his home and bring him back nude.

Lily accompanied John in his taxi to his home.  His wife and her friends were in the home. Lily told his wife about John’s offence and told that she would take him to Police Headquarters for strict punishment according to new procedure. John’s wife also rebuked her husband and took his clothes, money and other things.  Then John drove the taxi nude accompanied by Miss Lily.

Mrs.  D. Silva informed that she had erected some whipping posts in the city where the offenders would  be tied for two hours and all women passers by would be entitled to spank the offender with leather strap available there.  She sent John to one of the busiest place in the city.  Miss Lily tied John to the whipping post. She went away leaving John tied to the spanking post in his birthday suit. The signpost on the whipping post carried the message:  ‘Ladies  are  advised to help improve the traffic by spanking the tied offender with leather strap available on the post’.

John was accustomed to the shame after a few minutes. He was pleased that no woman came to spank him.  But his pleasure was short lived.  The women college near the spanking post closed. Many women teachers and young students saw him nude. One girl read the message and announced loudly that the tied person was to be spanked. The girls were thrilled. But their teacher told that they would spank him systematically.  she herself spanked John’s bottoms very hard.  His bottoms got crimson red and swollen.  He cried bitterly. His screams were loud enough to attract passersby.  The male passersby were amused to see his simmering bottoms but they could not spank him.  Now there were young girls and other women in queue to spank the simmering behinds of John.  His screams only amused them.  The teacher supervised spanking. She  told the girls to form a queue and each give him two spanks only lest this is too much.

When two hours passed, Lily returned to the spanking post and brought him back to Traffic police HQs.   John was kept in custody for one day.  He thought that his ordeal was over. However, he got another dose of spanking again. This time the policewomen and wives of male policemen spanked him very hard. This spanking was very harsh.  Police spanking is definitely harsher.

When John returned home, his wife expressed her displeasure.  She also spanked John for the whole night.  When John said that he had already been so much publicly humiliated and also spanked, she told that being his wife, she had the foremost duty to correct him.  She stopped spanking only when she saw blood on his bottoms.

John learnt his lesson and now he is very reformed.

Roshan promoted and transferred 

Roshan was manager in a reputed Insurance company.   One day the  boss called him to her chamber and told that he had been promoted as Senior Manager.  He  was joyed.  At  age of twenty six  promotion to such a senior post  was indeed creditable.

The Boss further  said:  You are  posted to Silent Valley Branch.   You have to take charge just next week.

She suddenly asked:   Are you married?  There is no official information in the bank.

Roshan said:  Ma’am.  I’m yet unmarried.

Boss: then. There is one problem.  Only a married person can be posted in that branch.  Can you get married just within a week?

Roshan:  How Ma’am.  Then better defer my promotion.

Boss:  No.  This is not our policy.  Just  accept promotion and join after marrying.  Otherwise  quit.

Roshan:  Ma’am.  Getting married is not so simple. This needs a lot of planning and preparation.

Marry or join singles club- Roshan joins 

The boss thought for a few minutes.  Then said:  Okay. there is a way.  There is a Singles Club at Silent Valley.  You may join there as Senior Manager even if you are single if  you  join the Singles Club.  There were many complaints about bad behavior by  single staff and officers.  The singles are considered irresponsible and undisciplined.  They indulge in  drunkenness and also misbehave.    There have been many cases of molestation  also.  In a case, a bank employee was named  in a rape case.  We do not like  bad name for our bank.   The Singles Club undertakes responsibility for good behavior of male members.

Roshan:  Thank you ma’am. I shall join the Singles Club.

Roshan was relieved of his charge and issued promotion order with direction to report at silent Valley Branch.

Roshan reached Silent Valley within a week and  joined Singles Club.   The Club director,  Smitha,  gave a copy of club rules.  The members were required to reach the club in evening after close of office hours.  They were not allowed to eat or drink outside.  If a member had to stay away for longer hours or meet some body, he must give advance  information.  Any breach of rules of club would be seriously dealt with.   The male members were only five.   All other were lady members.

Male Club member spanked for indiscipline 

All was okay for a few days.  Just on first Saturday,  the club secretary told the gathering that Mathew, a club member had  gone to Noisy Valley, a nearby town  last day and returned late.  Thus he failed to  come to club immediately after office and went to another city without proper permission and reason.   He availed  leave for a day from his office on false pretext of  head ache.  He visited the red light area.

The secretary further announced:  After dinner is over,  all members will gather in the club hall.

After finishing meals, all went to the hall.  Mathew was asked to remove all his clothes and place his both hands on a table.  Mathew obeyed dutifully.

The secretary said:  Possibly some of our members have not seen punishment session so far.  We hold such session every week just after dinner.  All acts of indiscipline, in business place, office, road or elsewhere that come to notice lead to spanking.   Mathew availed leave on false pretext,  went to other town without information and permission,  drank there and went to red light area.  The offences are very serious.  Hence, the punishment is also extraordinarily severe. Mathew will be spanked very hard one hundred times.

The Secretary spanked Mathew very hard on his butts.  After a few spanks, Mathew began crying.  The secretary laughed:  This is just trailer. The movie will start later.

The Secretary requested Lily,  another  member,  to spank Mathew.  Lily first gave a few hand spanks.  Meanwhile the club maid fetched a paddle.   Lily spanked  the fleshy butts of Mathew.  After each spank, she counted.  One,  two, three….

Mathew’s butts were swollen.  He cried begging:  Please stop.  I’ll not again..

Lily scorned:  You will not again…..   I’ll also not again.

Lily would pause for five minutes after every ten spanks.  This was to prolong spanking.  The last spank would be harshest.   Mathew would cry aloud but this only amused the gathering. His crimson red butts were really very exciting.   Roshan and other male members were  scared.  They could also get such spanking some day.

Smitha  interrupted after ninety spanks.  She said:  Just pause. I shall deliver the last ten.

Smitha used dragon cane on butts and back of Mathew.   This was harshest ever spanking.  She also tongue  lashed.  She scornfully said- Again go to whores’  and fuck.  bastard. ”    Blood also appeared on butts of  Mathew.   She used the cane on back, butts, thighs very mercilessly.

Mathew almost fainted after receiving full spanking.

A few months passed. Mathew had also forgotten all about the dreadful spanking that he had received.

Wedding ceremony of Club Secretary’s brother 

One day,  Smitha  announced that  her brother would  be married next Monday.  All club members were to attend the marriage.  The club kitchen would be closed for a week. All club members were her guests for the marriage ceremony. All were to attend the wedding.

The male members visit call girl and avoid ceremony  

Mathew saw an opportunity in this.  He was feeling suffocated in strict environment of the Singles Club.  He said to Roshan and other male members:   We have an opportunity to enjoy.  Let us go to nearby town  for a day or so.

Roshan said: This is risky.  If  caught,  very harsh spanking awaits us. This will kill me.

Others also feared. But Mathew said: Such opportunity is rare. Last time, the club was not closed.  This time all are busy with wedding ceremony and we have a chance.

All the five male members gave intimation of going outstation to attend some private work.   They gave this intimation in their offices also.

Roshan, Mathew and others left the station and  enjoyed to their full.  They roamed during the day.  In the evening, Mathew guided all friends to a posh colony.   They arrived in a flat. A very glamorous woman in her early thirties welcomed them.  Mathew introduced all his companions to her.  She  ordered her maid to serve whiskey and snacks to the guests.  She said: Mathew!  well done! Nice to see all your friends here. This is the nicest place to enjoy.

Mrs.  Rosy, the apartment owner went to the adjoining room.  She came back and told:  All is arranged.  Mathew gave an advance of Rs. 25,000/- and said : Thanks Rosy Darling.  I hope my friends will have  all fun tonight.

Mathew stayed with Rosy and others were guided to some other rooms.  Rosy said that four girls would be entertaining others.   She was most favorite of Mathew and would be whole night with him.  Roshan went to another room as guided.  A young teen aged girl soon came to his room.  Roshan enjoyed sex with her throughout night. He had never such a nice time.

All friends enjoyed sex the whole night.  Next day, they came back to Silent valley.

As usual, they attended their job.  They returned to the Singles Club as usual as if nothing had happened.

Secretary hosts party 

Next morning, Mrs.  Smitha  said:  Friends.  Wedding ceremony of my brother is over.  Some of our club members failed to attend the ceremony. This is a matter of regret.  I am going to host a party to welcome the newly wedded couple.  All members of Singles club are esteemed guests.  I request all to take leave from their job for three days.  I shall also tell your employers to grant leave for this.

Mathew,   Roshan and other male members were very joyous. They would get another round of wine, free time and dinner.   Smitha had  arranged a  luxury bus to take all of them to a resort owned and managed by her.

They all reached at noon at the resort.   All lazed throughout day.  At 5 P.M., all  gathered in the resort garden.  First, the drinks.  The five males  could  expect nothing better.

After dinner, Smitha  announced:  Friends!  I thank you all for the valuable time you spent here to bless the couple.  Now, I am leaving this party along with my brother.  The  newly wedded sister in law, Sheila and others will remain here for rest of function.  Now is the time for all to rest and sleep. Good night and best wishes.

Smitha  left leaving behind the newly wedded sister  in law, handing her over all charge of the function.   Sheila announced that she was very happy to be in function.  She said- let us go to bed and gather here again at 10 A.M. tomorrow.

Roshan wondered what Sheila really intended. After the feast,  all should have dispersed.  But there was no way.  They retired to bed as usual.

The newly wedded bride takes  spanking assignment  

They all gathered in the big garden as usual.   Sheila announced: Friends!  I am very thankful for the grand reception.  But I am disgusted that five male members of the Singles Club chose to wander away and visit  prostitutes  instead of joining my wedding ceremony.  I am personally not bothered about this but my sister in law is very strict.  The Singles  Club aims at disciplining  male members.   I am told that Mathew was given exemplary spanking for vising red light area.  Yet he and others chose to take leave from their work, avoid the wedding ceremony for enjoying sex.  I am concerned because my sister in law has authorized me to discipline these erring members.

Roshan and others were stunned. They could not utter even a single word.  Sheila said:  Now the punishment will be in this garden. I hope spanking on nude behinds in open will have some affect.

Sheila ordered Mathew,  Roshan and three others to remove all their clothes and stand in this position.  They removed their clothes and stood in utter shame.  There were only lady members  and the newly wedded wife’s lady friends  to witness.  The only other male were gardener and some security staff. This was amusing to all.

The  five were made to stand nude for an hour.  Thereafter,   Sheila announced:  The offence committed by these five truants and vagabond members is inexcusable.  They need at least 200 cuts of  whip on their behinds. But as this is occasion of  merry making,  I reduce the punishment only to ten spanks each.

Sheila brought a leather slipper.  She first used the slipper on their palms.  This was not counted towards punishment.  She spanked every one ten times  on their butts. They all cried with pain.

Spanking game after punishment

But the game was not yet over.  Sheila said:  They had their punishment. Now is the gift.  One of these five will get an opportunity to sleep with my prettiest friend, Pinki.  She agrees to sleep with one who  gets  maximum spanking.  She asked:  Mathew ! Are you ready.  Mathew said: yes ma’am.  Roshan and others also agreed.

Sheila said: There are rules of the game.  All will have to accept spanking in lot of ten each.  Nobody can refuse to quit before receiving ten spanks. If you accept another round, next ten meaning total twenty is compulsory.  Ultimately, one who remains in the game till end will get the opportunity to bed Pinki.  Also every one will be spanked in a separate place and will not be told how much spanking others have suffered.

All five were tied to the five whipping posts in different rooms.    Five lady members of club were assigned the spanking job.

Roshan was sent to a room.  Elizabeth, a club member,   spanked  Roshan.  She tied Roshan to a whipping post. She used a paddle to spank him.  She gave him very harsh spanks. Roshan was almost in tears. After ten spanks, Elizabeth asked:  Will you continue?

Roshan said:  Yes.   So another round of ten strokes of the paddle. She spanked him very harsh and paused for a minute after every stroke. This would prolong the spanking session and pain.   After twenty spanks, Elizabeth asked if he would continue.

Roshan said- Ma’am. How much  Mathew and others got?

Elizabeth rebuked- Bastard. Secrecy  is the fun of game. If you want to share bed with Pinki,   get  maximum  spanking.  This is an opportunity for free fucking. No cost. Only pain.

Roshan got  sixty strokes.  He could  bear no more spanking after the sixth round.

Then  Roshan was brought to the garden where all were gathered.  The other five were also there.  Roshan had got maximum spanking. Mathew had taken forty cuts. The others had exhausted after twenty strokes each. Thus Roshan was the winner.

Roshan wins and beds Pinki 

Roshan  was satisfied that he would get opportunity to sleep with such pretty girl.  The painful spanking had been so rewarding.

Sheila said:  Congratulation Roshan!  Sleep with Pinki tonight.  Spanking does not end.  Pinky loves to spank your fleshy rounded butts.

Pinki spanks and beds Roshan 

Pinky arrived with a whippy cane and spanked Roshan twenty times in presence of all.

Then she said-  Let us go to bed.

Roshan and Pinki enjoyed throughout the night.   Pinki loved  spanking Roshan’s fleshy butts.  She did not spare his behinds even in the bed.

Roshan and Pinki marry 

Pinki stayed in the Singles Club for a few days more.  She developed a liking for Roshan.  A few days later, they decided to marry.  Their wedding was held in the same resort with pomp and show.  The newly wedded couple were given a hearty welcome.  Later Roshan was given a send off.  Roshan and Pinki left to live in a separate apartment.  Now Pinki had absolute monopoly on Roshan. His lovely butts could be spanked only by Pinki.

Glass of water of wine at mechanic shop 

Roshan left for market by his motor cycle.  On the way, his bike abruptly stopped. He could not restart the vehicle.  Luckily auto repair shop was very near.  The mechanic said that he would take a few hours to mend the bike.

The motor mechanic gave Roshan a glass of water to drink.  Roshan drank the water very quickly as he was thirsty and tired.  He  walked some distance with a view to receive  the bike after repair.

On the way, he saw  Mrs.  Chatterjee, his next door neighbor.  She angrily  shouted:  Roshan! What is wrong.  Now you drink Liqueur even during day.  He retorted: No Ma’am  You are mistaken. I just gave my bike for repair and drank a glass of water.

Mrs. Chatterjee covered her nose with handkerchief and said- You fool.  You are giving such foul smell. Can’t you avoid drink at least during day?

Where Roshan’s clothes went 

Roshan left the spot as he wanted no more argument with Mrs. Chatterjee.  He saw a Buddhist monk  also covering his nose with a handkerchief. This convinced him that he must have taken liqueur giving very bad smell.  He looked for some lonely spot.  Suddenly, he found that he had no clothes on his body.  He was at a loss. He could not make out what was in store for him.

Visit to a closed building with no exit 

Roshan thought of going to a colony. Perhaps,  he may get some one who would understand and help him.  He entered an isolated building.  He went upstairs.  There he found Mr.  Ashoka, a  known person.  He was a trader  of  computer hardware and electronic goods.   Ashoka was very jolly person. Seeing Roshan totally nude,  he exclaimed- Oh! How nice to see Roshan!  Ashoka caught Roshan’s shoulders and danced with him saying- so nice! so nice!.   But Roshan said:  Please help me.  Dance  will not help. I need clothes.  Smilingly, Ashoka said:  Well!  I could give you computer and electronic items. I am not dealer in ready made garments. Sorry Sir!

Ridiculed and spanked 

Ashoka’s wife shouted at her husband- why are you playing with this drunkard? Just throw him.  Ashoka said- He is my friend.   Ashoka’s daughter said- Daddy! don’t be so funny. Let me see this nude drunkard.

Ashoka’s teen aged daughter spanked  Roshan’s behinds with a hair brush.

Roshan ran away and reached another room.  He met there some men.  He told them of his shame and bizarre condition and asked for a way out from the building. The men said-  There is no way to go out except this window.  You may jump and leave.  But Roshan knew that if he jumped,   his bones broken and he would reach the ground dead.

Then, he entered another room.  Surprisingly, there was no way to leave the building.  He walked to next room.  There were several girls in the room.  He begged them to give him some clothes and show  him way to leave the building.

Group spanking and exit   

The leader of those girls said:  You are yourself responsible for your bizarre position.  We shall punish you very hard and then give clothes and also allow a safe passage out from this building.

The girl said-  No one!

First  girl came forward and spanked Roshan’s behind with a flexible cane.  Roshan cried with pain.

The leader said: Two

Another girl   spanked Roshan very hard twice.

Thus,  all the ten  girls spanked him very hard.  Roshan’s bottoms got crimson red and swollen.  He cried bitterly with tears in his eyes.

When all the girls spanked Roshan,  the leader came forward and used a leather strap to once again spank him.  She spanked Roshan ten times very hard with a dreadful cane.

The girls brought under garments, shirts and trousers and helped Roshan wear dress.  They called a driver and told him to take Roshan to his residence.

Woke from dream. Spanking was real 

Roshan awoke. He found this was all dream.  But his behind was simmering badly.  He came before a mirror and found that there were welts of leather strap and cane on his bottoms, back and shoulders.  He wondered how spanking could be real when this was all in dream.

Real Spanking by distant cousin during his sleep 

He heard a woman laughing.  He saw,  Radha,  his distant cousin approaching near.   She said- surprised!.  Did I not tell you once that I love your rounded and smooth bottoms.  These are so fleshy and attractive.  I waited for years to  redden your lovely bottoms.  During sleep, you were murmuring and crying begging for not spanking.  So, I gave you real spanking in your sleep.

Roshan said- Radha! Now you are happy!

Radha said- How! I am to give you real spanking in day time.

Real spanking next night 

Roshan and Radha both bathed and took breakfast.   They spent the day gossiping.  As dark set in,  Radha ordered Roshan to strip.   She gave quick ten spanks on Roshan’s bottoms.

Then, she and Roshan both got one drink.

Thereafter, she spanked Roshan with her leather strip twenty times.

Thus, they enjoyed drink . After every drink, Radha would spank Roshan.

A few hours later both slept.   In the morning, Radha bid good bye saying- we had a good time. I shall come every week for spanking session.

Misappropriation of cash

John was a very efficient accountant, cashier and store keeper.  He drew handsome salary @ Rs. 40,000/- P.M.  in Kamrup Tea Corporation Gauhati  All was going well. One day, Chief manager found that that there was no cash even to pay for raw materials and staff salaries.  So, he checked cash book and noticed heavy withdrawals.  The heavy withdrawals were matched with corresponding deposits earlier but recently,  only withdrawals were made. This led to crisis.  John could not explain. Hence, special audit was conducted. It transpired that John was responsible for this.  Hence, a report to police was made.

Spanked at police station

Police applied coercive force to get information from John. Mrs. Sujata, a fierce Lady Police Inspector stripped John and tied him to whipping post. She spanked him very hard with her leather strap. John screamed at each stroke. Welts on his behind were clearly visible. His butts became crimson red. He cried but in vain.  Mrs. Sujata would not stop spanking till she got confession. Ultimately, John gave in and pleaded for stopping the spanking.  Mrs. Sujata stopped spanking for a while and then gave a very stinging  stroke that made John cry bitterly.  Mrs.  Sujata said:  Tell me immediately everything or I shall break your bones and tear your flesh.    John said weeping:  Ma’am. I am unlucky.  Unlike past, I lost in horse race and could not deposit the cash I had withdrawn.

Mrs, Sujata got his written confession and reported to company.

John spanked and humiliated in company 

Inspector Sujata advised the company to take action as they liked. She had got the confession and her role ended. Chairperson of the company, personnel manager and other employees were all furious.  Company had been discredited and employees could not be paid salary.   This resulted in another doze of spanking.  Mrs. Lily, personnel manager stripped him naked and began merciless spanking on his bottoms.  This was even worse than police beating. John cried loudly and his screams were very touching.  Spanking stopped when John fainted.

Young lady appears and buys John for one million rupees

The peon reported that a young lady wants to see the management. The chief manager asked the peon to bring her in. The newcomer was a lady in her thirties. she looked very stern and business like .

She said: I know you are in trouble. But mere spanking is no solution.  You may spank John to death but cannot recover your loss.

Chief manager said:  I know. Then what can I do.  My creditors will kill me. employees will leave the organization. I am ruined.

The young lady said:  Listen.  I am Sapana Hazarika. I shall buy John as I need a slave. What I do to him is my job. But your crisis ends.

The Chief manager agreed and he accepted Rupees one million and handed over John to Mrs. Sapana Hazarika.

John in captivity 

Sapana Hazarika carried John in her vehicle to her palatial building. John got very lavish food and comforts in the first week. He was surprised.  A few days later, Sapana Hazarika disclosed that she was an expert in kamrup magic and could turn any one to animal for forty eight hours.  Thereafter, she could again do so after a week.  she would use John as a horse and make profit.

Horse training

The training included physical exercise, running, getting used to horse environment and preparing mentally as a horse. So, he was required to stay in stable meant for horses without any clothing, get massage and eat boiled or roasted grains.

Sapana would occasionally make him stand on fours and ride him as if he were horse. John felt that Sapana was simply getting sadistic joy by spanking and riding him.

Turned to man horse

One day, Sapana performed some magic by uttering few unintelligible words and some gestures. He turned as spanking handsome horse. Sapana mounted him and rode for a few miles.  Sapana repeated this for many months.

A few months later, Sapana felt that John was fit for horse race.  So, she began using him in horse race.  She soon recovered the one million rupees that she paid for him.   John had reconciled to his role as man horse and enjoyed spanking and whipping from his mistress, Jockey/ horsewoman.

Now an aged man horse

John is now an aged person and not fit for horse race. Sapana is also an old lady. But the relation as mistress and slave continues. She still spanks his bottoms in his man form and whips him during ride in horse form.

Thus far from honorable job of accountant cum cashier and prospective of rise in career, John is destined to slavery of a cruel Kamrup magician woman. No end to spanking

Thanks To Kumar For Submission Of This Unedited Story.

James was a cashier in a restaurant at Happy Hills.   One day,  he and his friend John went by a motor cycle to  Lake City.  The Lake City was about sixty KM from Happy Hills.  John insisted on wearing helmets by both of them.  He warned that there were very strict traffic rules in Lake city.  But James paid no heed to the advice and said-  Do not care so much.  I cannot burden my head with a heavy steel helmet.

They reached Lake city in an hour.  They first went to a book shop and bought some vulgar literature.  They roamed in the city for about an hour.  Thereafter they felt tired and hungry.  Both entered a bar cum restaurant. They drank heavily and ate choicest delicious dishes.   They moved out from the bar in an inebriated state.

James kick started the motor  cycle.  He entered a street in violation of  rule on one way traffic.  Soon traffic police inspector stopped them.  He  said:  Why are you moving in wrong direction. Have you not read the warning on one way traffic.

James said:  We are new in the city. I don’t know about one way traffic rule.

Inspector retorted:  Then you also do not know the rule on wearing helmet.  also you do not know the rule against drunken driving.  You have broken so many traffic rules.  I have to seize your Driving licence and make complaint in court.

At this  John said:  This is just our first mistake.  My friend is Assistant commissioner in Drugs control Department in Happy Hills.

Inspector:  Then what are you?

John: sir, I am a clerk and subordinate to Mr. James.

The inspector was obviously impressed with the position of both. He polited asked them to take more care in future.

James and John were just about to move. Suddenly, a lady sub inspector appeared.    She spoke to John: what are you doing here.

The inspector said: Nothing.  The Honorable  Commissioner is new in the city. So just small traffic violation.

The lady sub inspector laughed aloud and said:  Sir, these are scoundrels. This fellow is just a cashier and his friend a peon.  They have misrepresented.  Let me take care of these bastards.

She asked James to sit in the rear seat and herself drove away the motor cycle leaving John free to move as he liked.  James begged for forgiveness.  But the lady inspector was in no mood to excuse. she said: Do you know me. I am sub inspector Lily.  I saw you last month in Happy Hills at birthday party of my nephew. My sister is assistant manager   in the the same restaurant you work.  Yo are a cheat and scoundrel.  I shall keep you in police custody and prsent you before court tomorrow.

John was  almost in tears.  He begged: Please do not send me to police lock up. I am really very sorry.

Sub Inspector Lily said-  Of course, I shall spare you from police custody and take no action on record.  You are my sister’s colleague. So, I am treating you very leniently.  I shall personally punish you.  You will experience a very memorable  spanking. For the rest of your life, you shall observe every traffic rule.

On reaching the traffic police HQ,  she asked a constable to take James to Visitor room.  James was very happy to enter the visitor room. There were very cozy sofa sets. The room was air conditioned.  He rested in the room for about two hours.

Lily entered the room and locked from inside.  Then she asked James to remove his shirt and vest.  James obeyed.  Still he was not aware of what was really going to happen to him.  He felt that Lily being his colleague’ s sister was actually playing fun and no more.  She tied his hands with a rope that was hooked to the roof.  Lily went away.   She came after fifteen minutes with two lady assistants.  Lily sat in a sofa facing James.  She ordered the girls to remove trousers of  James.   James felt very shy and blushed as he stood fully nude before three women.

Lily ordered the girls to treat the culprit.  James ordeal began.  The girls spanked his bottoms very hard with bare hands.  These were police women’s hands and caused unbearable pain.

Lily took out a wooden paddle from a cupboard. she said: “This was just a rehearsal. Now real show begins.”

She spanked him very hard with the paddle.  She waited for five minutes after each spank.  James cried aloud after each spank.  He begged for mercy:  Ma’am: I am your sister’s colleague. Please have some consideration.”

Lily retorted:  That is why I must treat you well.  I would not care if you were not my sister’s colleague.  I am causing you pain.  I must spank you hardest so that you are truly reformed.

The spanking continued.  The gaps between spank were very painful.  Lily maintained the gap after each spank so that pain lasts longer.

After spanking James’ behind fifty times, Lily left.

A lady constable came and she began spanking James’ bottoms. Sshe spanked with a whippy cane.  On each spank,  James cried with pain.  The girl mocked James saying:  Helmet covers your head against damage. You do not care about head injury.  Then why you cry on injury on your butts.  Helmet shields your head but there is no shield to protect your bottoms against spanking.

After the constable had spanked him fifty times, she left.  Now his butts were crimson red and simmering.  He was now crying and weeping shamelessly.

A few minutes later,  Lily returned with another assistant.  Both held whips in their hands.  Lily said:  I see that you have been well treated.  I am pleased to see your crimson red behinds.  Let me give you another doze so as you do not forget lessons.

Lily paused and then asked:  What have you learnt today?

Weeping, James said:  I shall always wear helmet while drivibng.

‘Good’  Lily said,  spanking hard with her whip, ” Next lesson’

“I  shall always observe traffic rules and never drive on the wrong side”

“Okay!”   said Lily,  “Any other lesson”

James was just crying with pain and could not utter even a single word.

Lily spanked very hard James’ butts and said:  “You will not drive in drunken state. This is most important.  But you need some more doze for life time learning.”

Lily sat comfortable in her sofa and the two girls began spanking his butts from each side.  Jame squirmed as spanking continues.  His helpless and simmering behinds were now bleeding.

Lily left him in the room for two hours.  He was allowed to take bath and take tea and biscuits.  Thereafter he was allowed to leave.

Then onward, James was very careful. He would observe all traffic rules. He would drink either at home or hire a taxi after heavy drinking and not drive his own vehicle.  Indeed the harsh spanking had very salutary affect on James.


John was on pleasure trip to Happy Hills,  a bachelors paradise.  In addition to the plentiful wine, there are always pretty women not to mention the natural scenery that a tourist would love such as water falls, hills, and lakes.  John roamed for a week in the hills duly escorted by  pretty lady tourist guides.

One day, he made up his mind to drink his full of  alcoholic drinks.   To that end, John came across a magnificent hotel, bar and restaurant named ‘Home for bliss and pain’.  The ‘and pain’ however were in very small letters.  Unsurprisingly John misread the Hotel name plate as ‘Home for bliss’.   Entering the hotel bar, a waitress  asked what he would like by way of drink and snacks. John ordered for a large drink.  Looking embarrassed the waitress explained that the administration had imposed a policy of prohibition a year ago and that the sale of alcohol was now illegal.  John was extremely annoyed.   Then how are you serving whiskey and rum to the customers here he ranted in irritation..

Please be calm sir, said the waitress.   I shall  explain.  There are many drunkards in the area. The tourist trade,  liqueur industry and state  revenue depend on  alcoholic drinks and so a powerful lobby of industrialists and businessmen challenged the ruling in High Court.  The court ruled against absolute ban citing principles of democracy and civil liberties.   Prohibiting alcohol however is state directive principle.  Hence,  consumption of alcoholic drink may be regulated in the manner  at discretion of  sale outlets. Therefore Sir, she stated, I scan serve you one large drink only and no more.  John retorted- No I want no limit. I never take less than half a bottle.

The waitress told John to see the counter manager.  The counter manager told John that he would go to underground hall where he may drink as much as he liked  but only on agreeing to submit to a hard spanking.   John was so astonished- Why spanking. I can pay extra money.   Rejecting this counter proposal however the manager explained – Sir, we did this in the beginning. But it is ineffective.  So, hard spanking for heavy drinkers has been prescribed for enforcing prohibition on alcoholic consumption.   It is also required that if you go to the drinkers hall, you do so completely nude.  You will deposit all your clothes and cash on this counter.  Grudgingly, John removed his clothes and handed them together with his wallet to the counter manager.

It was not long before two sexy young women arrived, each holding a whippy cane in their hand and guided John to the underground hall, one smacking John hard on his bare bottom as they made their way.  You are a drunkard she snarled.  I will spank your bare bottom until I make it crimson red!  Through the corner of his eye, John noticed some other nude customers were drinking.  Each had red welts on their backsides.  As John sat in the hall, a waitress asked him for his order.  Two large whiskey’s and a a fried chicken he replied.  But the waitress simply made John kneel on all fours like a dog and spanked him hard with the wooden paddle she was holding four times.  Drinks were then served with whiskey.  John squirmed as he sat back in his chair, his bare bottom crimson red and stinging. It was a unique experience he had not experienced before.   Spanked simply for wanting to drink.   Yet he could not avoid the alcohol and thus could not avoid the spanking.

Thirty minutes later, John asked for two more drinks.  In a matter of fact voice, the waitress replied “well sir, you will have had four drinks in all.  You therefore get sixteen spanks minus the four spanks you have received so far making 12 spanks.  Kneel down on all fours again young man, she commanded.  I am going to give you another 12 hard stinging spanks.  John obeyed and gritted his teeth.  With each spank the pretty young waitress rebuked ‘you silly drunken idiot!  I shall spank you so hard that you will not sit for an entire year!  Your bottom will be so swollen, simmer and crimson red that you will forget drink for the rest of your life!

After each spank, John cried out in pain.  The spanking was intolerable.  But the pretty young waitress showed no mercy and simply continued on spanking him as hard as she possibly could!  As his disciplinarian scolded him, he noticed other customers were enjoying the show.  There were many young ladies in the hall and most of them were taking soft drinks as this was also government policy.   In tears, John queried “Ma’am, I understand that you have to spank me for drinking as this is the policy but do you really need to insult me in front of so many people?   In a stern matter of fact voice the waitress simply replied that this was also government policy.  The female patrons at the club had paid for the entertainment of watching the bare bottom spanking of drunkards and some pay for the opportunity to administer the spanking themselves!  They love to spank and watch the spanking and your cries give them happiness.

After the spanking had ended, John slowly drank his two additional drinks and as he did, the pain in his bottom faded.  He could not resist ordering another 2 drinks.  Somewhat bemused, the young waitress replied ‘you have now had six drinks in total and that would mean you receive thirty six hard spanks.   I advise you to stop now.  I shall not spank you any further this evening.  If you continue drinking, you may get whatever drinks you wish this evening but you will be spanked to settle the score tomorrow morning in a ceremony in the presence of the city mayor.

To this John happily agreed.  He could drink all the drinks he liked.  As there was no immediate spanking he simply could not care less what might happen on another day.  The waitress brought him the drinks as ordered and round after round, John simply kept drinking.   In the end John had become so intoxicated that he could not even stand up to walk to his room.   The bar staff helped him from his chair and dragged him to his room where he slept for many hours.

Upon awakening, John found himself nude and so called the waitress on the intercom asking for his clothes.   This request however was denied.  No clothes she said.  Take your bath and you will then take breakfast and lunch in your birthday suit.  You will receive your reward for the heaviest drinking tonight in the function room.

John was taken to town hall where many people, male and female had gathered waiting for the function to begin.  Again John was ordered to kneel on all fours where he did so with three other males helplessly obeying by his side.  After long wait,  Mrs. D.  Silva, city mayor arrived. All stood in her honor.

Mrs.  Silva declared the function open.   She began the function by a small address:   Ladies and gentlemen. As you know we are democratic and liberal community.   We all have the right to eat, drink and do as we wish.  But in the interests of  society, we need restrict these rights.  Everyone is free to take one drink at a time. To discourage this,  the sale outlets are directed to place some restrictions.  I am happy that spanking is proving an effective way to reduce alcoholic consumption.  Here are four heavy drinkers, who deserve exemplary  spanking before gathering of distinguished citizens. This  is also useful lesson to those participating in this function.  We believe in the principle- Spare the whip, spoil the male.  I sincerely advise all lovers of alcoholic beverages to be moderate so that there is no need to spank them. Let them pity their own  backsides and spare these from spanks.  Silva gave one spank to each of the culprits.  Then a panel of four  young women  spanked the four drinkers.    After a few spanks, they were made to move among the gathering.   They were  spanked even while walking on fours among the audience.  Many women in the gathering also spanked them.

John’s backside was simmering and had become crimson red and he wept bitterly.   After the function he was returned to the hotel where his clothes and wallet were returned to him.   Paying the bill, John reflected on the fact that he had learned his lesson the hard way.  Convinced now that there is a limit to every pleasure!  In future he reflected, I will drink only moderately!  Cruel spanking had taught John a truly unforgettable lesson.

Roshan was posted in an export company in Ahmedabad as Finance Head.  He was to visit his company  branch at Mathura and stay there for about one month.   His parents advised him to stay with his uncle there.

Roshan reached his uncle’s residence at Mathura two days later.  He was given a hearty welcome. Apart from his uncle, his cousin and sister in law were also there.  Everything was normal for a few days until one day, his uncle chided him for buying some article from an unapproved shop. He failed to understand. His sister in law, Sarita, explained that they were devotees of   ‘Huzoor Maharaj’  and living in the community of the sect headed by him.  They could neither buy anything from others nor play loud music. They could also not eat non veg food or drink.

However, Roshan did not take this seriously.  Roshan was only intending to stay for a month he decided and so there was little point in paying any heed to the advice he had been given.

Two days, later, his cousin left on a business tour and so he was left with his uncle and sister in law Sarita whom he believed to be but a simple Hindu housewife there to take care of his poorly uncle who was in need of personal care even for going to the bathroom.  Roshan was particularly surprised when one day his uncle became sick with fever how Sarita helped her father in law to move to the bathroom where she could wash him without any of the shyness he had expected from his uncles Hindu daughter in law.

One evening Roshan came home drunk and was rebuked severely the following morning by Sarita for his breaking of the rules by which he was bound by customs of the sect.   Roshan however trivialised the complain by stating the sect consisted of fools and that their leader Huzmoor Maharj was a cheat.   This sufficed to anger Sarita who told him to behave himself or quit.   As her point was made Sarita left the house to pick up needed supplies .  Roshans uncle had told him not to underestimate Sarita and that any disobedience of the rules or disrespect would cause trouble but Roshan was determined to behave as he wished regardless.

As time went on, Roshan continued to disobey all rules.  Constantly returning home drunk and aggressive the situation came to a head when a complaint was received by a neighbour.  Sarita was extremely annoyed.  She had decided to punish and publicly humiliate Roshan for his behaviour. Inviting some of her friends, all of which were young women in their thirties to her home, she asked Roshan to remove his clothes. Roshan was excited at the prospect of  exposing  his nudity to the ladies but soon found himself tied.   Roshan was standing nude to the waist with his hands tied when Sarita asked one of her friends to remove Roshans trousers. Roshan was anxious.  So far, this had been but a joke to him but now he was helpless.   His trousers removed, he stood nude before the ladies who abusively mocked, teased and insulted him.   Sarita decided that he should be spanked and so spanked him with her bare hands before her friends each took a turn spanking his bottom.    One woman had brought a wooden paddle from her home and Roshan realised he was now going to be spanked with a wooden paddle.

For every offence, Sarita told Roshan, he would be receiving a spanking.   The offences were listed and began to stack up ranging from insulting Huzoor Maharaj, buying from unauthorized shops, drinking and other misconduct.  They would never spare anyone who insulted their religion.  Sarita bagan spanking with paddle stopping only when tired to hand the paddle on to the next lady in the line.   Roshan’s bottom became swollen and crimson red but his cries were in vain.  The women were in no mood to spare him.

There were drops of blood on Roshan;’s buttocks when Sarita decided to stop spanking. But his requests for clothes were refused.   He was instead to lie nude and would wear clothes only when called upon to fulfil his duty.  Sarita also refused him permission to  leave their house or to stay elsewhere. She would not let him off so easily.

Roshan had not yet understood his predicament.   The next day when he left the house arranging to stay at a local hotel, he had not realised that this would cause him yet more trouble.  He had still one week more at Mathura and had not been given permission to leave early.

Roshan had made some local friends. They all drank.  Whilst drunk one evening, Roshan boasted that Huzoor Maharaj Sect was a corrupt cheat, that his sister in law, Sarita was an unchaste woman  and that all in that sect fools.   Unfortunately for Roshan however, an employee at the hotel who had overheard him was a member of the sect and reported his whereabouts and behaviour to his strict sister in law.

The sect was very powerful and the next morning,  Roshan was still in an inebriated state.   A few young persons appeared and asked him to accompany them.  Who the hell are you he asked aggressively but received a hard slap to his face for his insolence.  Soon he would meet the leader who simply greeted him with the words “Bastard! you will know” and he was dragged and forced into a vehicle which would carry him to the Huzoor Mahraj sect community hall.   Soon, his uncle and sister in law also came.  Sarita rebuked- Did I not tell you to mend your way?  your blasphemy, misconduct and insult to his holiness Huzoor Maharaj  will be severely punished. I cannot help even if I wish.  Now you are culprit of the Community.

Roshan was captivated in a dark room.  Next day,  he was taken to a big hall. The head priest narrated misdeeds and sins of Roshan.  He also announced that Roshan was to be spanked severely.  The rule of the sect were that spanking and whipping would be administered by family members of  the culprit.  His uncle was sickly. His cousin was away and even if present would hesitate.  Sarita came forward  and said-  I will spank Roshan and teach him lesson.  Normally, only men could whip another man but Sarita was determined to use the whip herself.   She also said that she wanted to teach the lesson as best as she could.  There could be no way other than to  spank his bare bottom in the room now filling with more men and women.  The community head agreed.  Roshan was made to undress fully. He was tied to a pillar.   Sarita spanked his bottom with leather strap.  When she was tired, next person spanked Roshan.  Roshan cried bitterly but nobody sympathised.  Even teenager girls spanked him.  The gathering would laugh at his screams.  His bottom was swollen and crimson red. The gathering were happy to give him an  exemplary  punishment.

Mrs. Mathew and her friends spanked John till his buttocks were crimson red. They stopped spanking more as they did not want blood on his bottom. John felt sleepy as it was midnight. The maid servant dragged John back to his room. John slept till next evening dreaming about his spanking and crying as he did.

One day more passed. John felt that Mrs. Mathew would only detain him for rest of agreed period of captivity. But he was mistaken. On the third day, the maid servant took him to bath room and washed him neat. She also applied some ointment to his simmering bottom. She told him that this was Mrs. Mathew’s forty second birthday and that she wanted Johns presence also at that celebration.  John was very happy as he felt that his punishment was over and he would rejoice in birthday party.

The maid servant ordered him to walk on fours like a dog to the hall where celebration would take place and hand spanked him on the way. He was confused as to what Mrs. Mathew expected him to do. He reached the hall. There were  many guests- all women.

Forty two candles were lit on birthday cake. Happy birthday Mrs. Mathew John said. Thanking him for the wish she ordered him to stand on his fours. The party went on. Loud Music and dance continued. The maid servant served wine and snacks to John  with her hand as if he were no more than a dog.

Mrs. Mathew announced that there the celebration had a unique attraction. The guests would give forty two spanks on Johns bare bottom with a paddle. Mrs Mathew herself hand spanked him five times. This was in addition to the  hard spanking with paddle that would follow. The party with music and dance went on. The guests took their own time to spank John’s poor and miserable backside. They would chat and give one spank at pleasure. The maid servant was keeping count of the spanks. At 11 P.M. the party ended. When all guests had left, Mrs. Mathew was told that John had received only thirty five spanks from guests and so Mrs. Mathew gave the remaining seven spanks on his simmering crimson red buttocks. John cried bitterly but Mrs. Mathew threatened that more crying would invite the leather whip lash. The maid servant fetched a whip that Mrs. Mathew used on his back and buttocks.

The maid servant dragged him back to his room. Ultimately the week end arrived. John was allowed to bathe and wear the dress as usual. All the ladies who had spanked as well as John were also present.

Mrs. Mathew was very polite. She said- John, now is the time to bid you fare well. We are not  angry.  You are talented. You secured a large amount of money from numerous people and in turn earned a heavy commission. You are very successful salesman.  But you misused your talent for a fake and cheat company.  Hence, spanking was necessary to correct you. Now you are very nice. I wish to help you. I Hope you will use your talent better . I offer you an appointment in my leather products company as Chief Sales Manager. I Hope you will be happy with this assignment.

John accepted the assignment and earned good and fair income after that. Harsh spanking on his bare bottom was truly corrective.