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Just wanted to draw all of your attention to 4 new domestic Spanking sites that I have just launched over at FemDom and Spanking Sites :-)
These include 2 FemDom Fm spanking sites (well.. one actually along with an additional Female Supremacy site but as it is nearly entirely Fm spanking I figure I figure I am not miss selling it by calling it a spanking site, 1 Lezdom Ff spanking site and one maledom spanking site.  The Fm sites are called Miss Candi Spanks Her Professor and the other is called Discipline Island – Miss Amy for Miss Amy Hunter :)
On the LezDom F/f spanking front you can see another 2 great sites from friends at Spanking Bare Butts called Carol Spanks Her Girlfriend !
There is also a new FemDom face sitting sites there entitled Submit To Her :-)
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

So if you enjoy this blog, please go visit my site at FemDom And Spanking Sites :-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂

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Just wanted to draw all of your attention to 3 new FemDom Spanking sites that I have just launched over at FemDom and Spanking Sites 🙂
These include 1 FemDom Fm spanking site from the lovely Miss Zoe entitled Servant To Miss Zoe and 2 F/f spanking sites (sometimes referred to as lezdom ff spanking sites), one from my friends at Spanking Bare Butts and one from my friend at Hand Spanking 🙂
There are also 2 new FemDom face sitting sites there entitled Amateurs Face Sitting 1 and Face Sitter Squashing 🙂
All of the sites listed at FemDom And Spanking Sites to any of you with a basic net verifier pass.

Here is the covers which is linked directly to the sites :-)

Many of you may not know this but the very first sites that I produced as a lover of dominant women that spank men was a number of spanking adult verification sites :-) I held them on Cyberage but for some reason they simply became unworkable. And for some reason they deleted my account but kept taking money i presume from those people who joined my cyberage sites.  Well I recently closed all those sites down to cyberage as a result.  It was a pain in the butt to be honest because a number of the sites i had were on their own hosting and of course when they allowed their domain names to die, the sites died with them.  And with no web masters password i could not update their admin area with up to date url’s for my AVS members areas!  So stuff them.  I am not going to accuse them of anything but the whole episode stinks in my view.  But to be honest, i have not made sites for them for probably 5 years or so.  My efforts instead went into making some for Net Verifier who frankly have been a far easier to work with both for me as a webmaster but also, more importantly, for those of you surfing out there looking for the best Femdom Fm and Ff spanking images and videos :) All of those sites by the way that i produced for cyberage are now available to anybody that joins any one of my sites on FemDom and Spanking Sites :-) You just get your one pass and away you go :) So if you do join any of my sites listed above you will get access to everything on that domain :-)

And by the way, a years membership to this site costs about the same as many sites charge for a month  🙂

Click Here to visit Servant To Miss Zoe.

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After only a couple of weeks since the announcement that Face Slapping Austria had opened a new F/m face slapping theater at Domination Theater, news has just hit the press that they have now also opened a new theater for the really great amateur spanking site ‘Spanking Over Skirts‘ who cater for those out there looking for sexy girls being spanked over their  tight skirts :-)

Now at the risk of complaint because this video producer publishes video that features the  girls getting spanked I would just say I am focussing here on the woman doing the spanking and many out there do like that.  But I also wanted to mention this particular inclusion because I do know that these guys also produce an Fm spanking site which does lend some additional interest to pretty much all of you out there to see what they can come up with in that respect!  And there is hope that some of their Fm spanking videos can be brought in real soon to the ever expanding Domination Theater!

There are some particularly great videos at their site action wise and the girls are really hot!  Here are a couple of pics from the theater.  By the way i have linked the pics back to their individual movies!  But if you want to see the few videos that this new spanking theater has from Spanking Over Skirts, you should to take a look at their theater here :-)

The spanking picture above comes from a rather nice featured movie where a naughty girl at school is caught by the school prefect writing on her desk.  Clearly she is in trouble and is given the option of being marched to the head masters office or else facing a spanking with hand and ruler from the prefect who has clearly allowed her newly discovered authority to go to her head here and is enjoying dishing out regular spankings to the girls there at this school!  But not only that, the prefect must also now take a slippering from the naughty girl that she had spanked without permission!

And there are several more.  Im looking forward to seeing more coming online at the Domination Theater soon from these guys!  Be sure to check them out real soon!  🙂

So for now, why not go over to Domination Theater and see what these guys have to offer?  There are other theaters of course but this one shows ONLY the type of movies that those of us who love spanking and Female Domination love to see!  You will not have to surf through ANY of the other material to find the movies you love when you visit Domination Theater!  And that my friends is a personal guarantee!

Domination Theater

Some of you may have noticed the poll to the right of this post regarding Bryanna Cox of SpankingBareButts.com 🙂  For those that do not know, she is the big star there!  But as somebody who is actually more dominant in reality than submissive (and would be making a lot of FemDom spanking videos were there only one or two guys around Florida region that had the guts and backbone to bend over her knee (!!!) I dont know, you hear a lot about the guys in the bible belt being tough but… 🙂

Anyway, some of you may not know this but I also edit one or two other blogs including the Domestic Spanking Blog and I am also the webmaster for Bryanna’s own members site over at SpankingBareButts.com.  Bryanna or Miss Bryanna as I know her is the big star of Spanking Bare Butts and a growing name in the spanking field across the board even though to my knowlege she only ever actually shoots for Spanking Bare Butts.  Both her and Lance who are a couple are really nice people and she is probably one of the prettiest and sexiest ladies in the entire spanking circuit!  This is her below by the way for those who have not seen her!

About a month or two ago I was lucky enough to get Bryanna to agree to a spanking model interview for the Domestic Spanking Blog in which she admitted that it had been some time since she had updated her blog.  In actual fact it was about 6 or 7 weeks!  And many out there were having withdraw symptoms!  😉  Anyway I just posted an email over to Lance pointing the delay out and perhaps it might be a good scenario for a future movie 🙂  Just a comment in passing really despite what I say on my domestic spanking blog.  But of course Lance jumped all over that one and sure enough, there was a video made real soon in which poor Bryanna was over his knee getting spanked with a hairbrush!  Well I will draw a veil over that punishment cos actually if I am absolutely honest I feel a little guilty about it.  Despite what I say on the domestic spanking blog, I dont actually like to see women being spanked, let alone by a man.  I couldn’t even stay in the room some time ago when Miss Zoe was spanking her sister for a video for Spanking Bare Butts!  Webmastering a site is  different because it is a bit like working in a chocolate factory?  After a while, the images and videos are just images and videos and you dont even really notice they are there?  But seeing women submit to spanking just kind of goes against my constitution.   I know everybody is different and that many girls like it and so on but I personally have difficulty watching it because in my heart I just see women as several levels above guys and their bottoms should be sacrosanct and never spanked…least of all by a male!

Those of you who want to see Miss Bryanna’s side of this story by the way can do so at her own spanking blog entitled Bryanna Cox’s Spanking Blog here and an update here.

But business is business and food has to go on my table at least once a day even if it is only bread, water and gruel 😉  Problem is I am now in trouble!  Miss Bryanna is mad at me because I am (quote) a “tattle tale” or what we call in the UK a ‘tale tat tit’ and she does not believe that she deserved that spanking she got for not updating her website!  And of course given there are several thousand miles between us not to mention a big ocean and the nice boys and girls of the UK Immigration Service to protect me from what I know full well I would be getting right now if she ever got her hands on me!  And that fact which protects my safety somewhat frustrates her…particularly when I goad at it 🙂  And if Im 100% honest, and you will understand why if you look at her photo and you knew her, it kind of frustrates me too!  LOL.  And its the punishment hanging over my head that could one day just turn up at my front door that is sometimes worrying!  LOL.

But here’s the thing!  Even though Miss Bryanna (who on the orders of Miss Anna at Strict Women has now been given administrator rights in this blog so she can speak to you directly any time she wants to) may not be able to get to me to spank me herself right now, she DOES have access to many of the other women here who shoot with Strict Women who I meet up with at shoots…Miss Amy and Miss Zoe for example, both of which have already appeared on the Spanking Bare Butts website and both of which are shooting again with Strict Women in the next couple of months!  So I am starting to see a reality appearing here now!  And the impending over the knee time could be coming sooner than I imagine!  🙁

Anyway, we have between us set up a poll to see what people think out there.  Do they want to see her spanked or do they think I should be punished for engineering her paddling like that…which actually I feel quite guilty about… 🙂  And the vote is just opposite towards the top of the right hand sidebar on this blog 🙂  Thankfully at the moment given the poll is mostly on general spanking blogs, it looks like its Miss Bryanna’s bare bottom that is going to be spanked but you know women…that may very well not save me!  LOL.

Anyway, do me a favour everybody…cast your vote but also take a look over Miss Bryanna’s site 🙂  And if I am wrong about guys over there in Florida who would be up for getting their bottoms spanked by this Goddess in a movie, be sure to let her know so it can be arranged…I actually envy those of you who can!  So dont turn down your opportunity when it is there! 🙂


Domination Theater

FemDom Spanking Store

Before people go biting my head off, I DO know that these are woman spanking woman movies that we see below but there ARE F/f spanking fans here so for those of you who dont want to see it I apologise but for those that do, you should take the time to visit Spanking Bare Butts theater to see the new F/f spanking videos featuring Miss Zoe spanking Miss Shay and Miss Rebekah spanking Dolly!

Here is a list of movies available along with pics and synopsis :-)

Do As I Say Starring Miss Zoe and Shay


Miss Zoe is probably the most demanding and strictest Head Girl ever! In this episode she is not happy at all with her charge, Shay, who has not done Miss Zoe’s homework and is generally very annoying.

Visit this movie at Domination Theater
Visit this movie at Fetish Video Theater

By the way, after this video was filmed, Miss Shay joined Miss Zoe in filming a movie where Miss Shay was the domme spanking Dave along with Miss Zoe at Strict Mistress Zoe!   And she really made him pay for asking her to endure this  spanking!  It was not quite as hard as Miss Zoe spanks the guys for obvious reasons but it was still very intense!

Call Me Miss Starring Miss Rebekah And Dolly


This is an amazing new video that features the very sassy and sexy Dolly getting spanked by the more mature and strict Miss Rebekah! Dolly has not been cleaning the house properly and when Miss Rebekah demands and apology Dolly ignorantly defies her order and as you will see her poor bare quivering cheeks are left to pay the price! Dolly is spanked by Miss Rebekah’s strong hand, with a stingy slipper, and with a nasty paddle. By the end of the spanking Miss Rebekah gets her apology and Dolly is made to refer to her as Miss which is a really humbling experience for the sassy girl!

Visit this movie at Domination Theater
Visit this movie at Fetish Video Theater

You can see these movies in full now at Domination Theater and  Fetish Video Theater where you will not need to download the movies!  Just stream them onto your computer and avoid files remaining on your pc that you do not want people knowing you have been watching :-)


Domination Theater

More later!  But I just wanted to give you all the heads up on the fact that the brand new Miss Zoe site which ive been telling you all about these last few months has just opened!  You can see it here!

Im looking over the video inside and its blowing me away!!!

Dont miss this one guys!  I will give my comments shortly but for now at least you should go take a look!  She is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Strict Mistress Zoe

Wow, another update to Strict Women where Miss Zoe comes onto the site and Im reminded that soon (I hope) we will start to see that long awaited members site from Miss Zoe appear!  🙂  I personally cant wait.  I was lucky enough to see the video’s there being shot and they are hot as hell!  As is Miss Zoe hot as hell too!  🙂

But for today, Miss Zoe is the star in a brand new video just released onto Strict Women called Miss Zoe Scorned in which she catches her naughty boyfriend looking over a femdom spanking site where strict ladies are spanking naughty males over their knees!  Not a word is said about the spanking but Miss Zoe sure as hell confronts him for looking at other women which she is more than a little annoyed with! But as she confronts him on this he quickly shuts the browser window down only to show a woman in lingerie which makes his situation even worse! But then when she sees it, does he shut up?  No way!  He begins coming up with all sorts of pathetic excuses.  Ever heard that saying that when you are in a hole, stop digging? Well its a good rule of thumb but Mike sure doesn’t understand it and nor has he learned from it!   So obviously he leaves his strict young Mistress with no choice other than to punish him and punish him she does!  Its a very hard femdom style spanking over her knee but also over a char and under a chair and any other position that Miss Zoe feels she wants him to assume in order to dish out that much needed discipline!

As always, here is my flash preview from today’s update 🙂

Chuckle, that’s the thing with Miss Zoe.  It doesn’t matter whether you are naughty or good, you get spanked for being bad obviously but then she might tell you that you are a good boy for not enjoying your punishment as you are not supposed to!  You do not deserve to enjoy your punishment because you were naughty!  Confused?  You will be after this months episode of soap 😉 But soon it becomes clear that whether you enjoy it or not is secondary because Miss Zoe is the one that decides on matters of your discipline NOT YOU and ultimately as long as Miss Zoe enjoys it that is all that matters!  Remember that because should you ever be lucky and privileged enough to find yourself on your knees before THIS Goddess as she pats her cane on her hand deciding how many strokes of that cane she is going to administer to you it really would not be a good idea to suggest to her that you haven’t done anything wrong!  Miss Zoe is superior, she is supreme and she is the one that makes the decisions so though she may not have told you whether you have done anything wrong, that does not mean that you haven’t! And in any event, there are no doubt plenty of things you did wrong that she doesn’t know about that you can consider such a spanking to be discipline for!

By the way, somebody wrote asking me the other week if Miss Zoe does personal sessions and I can confirm after discussing this with her that she will be.  But it is going to be fairly tightly controlled as she can only do certain days when she is shooting in any event.  So if you are interested in getting your bare bottom spanked by Miss Zoe drop us a line!  Sessions can take place between Friday 17th and Sunday 19th October!  But you will have to pay a deposit which will be credited against Miss Zoe’s tribute fee on the day.  Be sure to be aware though, Miss Zoe is STRICT!  And she can be very HARSH!  So if you do not have a high pain threshold then you had best make that clear on the day because Miss Zoe’s idea of a good spanking and your idea may not be the same!  Take it from somebody who knows! 😉  But having said that, She is a true Goddess and you would never forget the experience 🙂

Anyway it seems that from today Strict Women are going to be replacing all the UK video’s in the site with far higher quality video clips over the coming months on an ongoing basis so things are looking pretty good for members of Strict Women right now! They are going to give me a preview clip in the new higher quality video later today from the new forthcoming Miss Zoe site so be sure to check back on this site later today when i will be posting it 😉  Meanwhile, why not pay Strict Women a visit and see how things are getting on! 🙂

Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys

Cool, one of my favorite Mistress’s is the star of today’s update at Strict Women! None other than the gorgeous Miss Catalina! And in this movie Miss Catalina demonstrates what it would be like to serve Her if you were ever privileged enough to be employed as her slave! The pic above taken from the same movie shows just what a naughty boy who disobeys a strict lady Mistress should expect! And you all know just what comes next as Miss Catalina bends her naughty boy over her knee and delivers a very sound bare bottom spanking to his already blistered butt! In this movie, Mike has been disobedient. You would think after all the spankings he has had he would know better really wouldn’t you? But no…I guess he must like them or something! 🙂 But he was given jobs to do like cleaning the toilet and taking the trash out and none of them have been done so he knows what will happen as do you! Here is a short preview clip from todays update!

OK the spanking isnt ultra ultra hard but those are two of the most painful paddles ive seen for a while! And by the look of his butt it does look like Miss Catalina has already given him a pretty good spanking! So dont delay, report to Miss Catalina now exclusively at Strict Women! And dont forget the sale on now at FemDom Spanking Store either! Strict Women Spanking Naughty Boys